2.0 -- NOW you're talking!

I am drinking my first bottle of 2.0 now, and holy shit! It’s SO much better than the powdered forms I tried previously. No grit in the texture (though there is a bit of a chalky aftertaste) and the taste itself does not have the Play-Doh quality I detested so much previously. It’s still a bit unpleasant, but vastly more drinkable with no additives. I had to add copious amounts of cocoa to the powder to even get it down into my gullet, but I can drink this with no problem.

Unfortunately, with the cost as it is, it’s hard to imagine this as a full-time, or even more than once a day, replacement, but when it reaches that point, I am all the way in. Soylent, to me, has now had its reality match its ambition. Good on ya, dudes.


I couldn’t drink 1.4 completely after a while, but with 2.0 I feel like I can stick with it!
2 bottles a day with subscription doesn’t seem too bad on my tiny college budget.
Now I feel like I can actually recommend the product to friends and my family.
[I like Milk Splash in my 2.0! Jammin Banana, and Orange Cream are great]
So yes!
Double Good to them!


Just received my first shipment of 2.0…I found the powder pleasant tasting, so hoping to be pleasantly amazed after your enthusiastic recommendation. :smile:

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Don’t get your hopes too high! It’s still just a fairly bland drink. But compared to all the powdered versions it’s the best in texture/taste, in many people’s opinions…

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Honestly, if you liked the previous versions, you might hate this and find it too sweet. I think the “Cheerios milk” comparison is not quite accurate – it’s more akin to regular almond milk.

@FatherLuna I need to find some of those milk splash things, I’ve never seen any in a store, but I recall people using them for previous versions too (that was when I originally seeked it out, to find something, anything, that would make it more palatable) and it’s probably even easier to mix in with this version.


From what I know they mainly sell at walmart.

[This is how I found it at my store, http://milksplash.com/where-to-buy/ ]

I was kind of hoping that maybe Rosa Labs might send one free bottle of 2.0 with my monthly subscription, but so far it’s no dice. It would be a great way for them the get people ‘hooked’ if they are interested in that option.