2.0 Vanilla reviews


Put em here !

Just delivered
Cracked one open, sniff, slight vanilla nosefeel
Decent swallow of a 70+ degree bottle. have to say not bad, very vanilla
Looking forward to the Chilled taste

–Update 430pm
Its COLD! and so much better. I love it!

Also a comment on the bottle. the Wrapper is glossy , not like Cacao’s wrapper. So has a different handfeel


My Soylent Vanilla also arrived today. Surprised to find that the bottles are glossy, unlike Cacao or Strawberry. My review is positive. The taste is more subtle than others. It’s not my absolute favorite flavor, but I think that Vanilla is a welcome addition to the mix.


Ugh, my wife and I both think it has a terrible aftertaste. So disappointed (second disappointment after the removal of nectar and replacement with a worse version)


Eight boxes of Vanilla showed up yesterday. Yikes!

Somehow a Pre-Order got separated into a subscription – and I was charged for both, two weeks apart, but it all shipped on the same day and arrived yesterday.

Vanilla is okay. The new, glossy, wrapping, is slippier – but it reflects the light, so I understand why the change was made.

I’m not big on caffeine, so the non-caffeine drinks will always win my day.

Favorites now, in order:

  1. Strawberry
  2. Cacao
  3. Original
  4. Vanilla

Had higher hopes for Vanilla, but it’s better than nothing!


I’m not a huge fan of the vanilla. It’s not terrible, but it’s not quite what I was expecting from a “vanilla” flavor, either. Something about it tastes subtly “off,” but unfortunately I haven’t yet found a way to articulate what or why. Maybe a better way to describe it will come to me once I consume more. At this point, I haven’t decided whether I will be adding it to my regular rotation or not.


For me, the “off” taste is that of a melted creamsicle warming in the sun. The aftertaste is licking the wooden creamsicle stick stuck to the pavement.


Just had my first few sips (cold). I like it. It’s like a less offensive vanilla Ensure.