2 days on diy soylent


Well after lurking for sometime I decided to go ahead and have a go at diy soylent.

My recipe would love feedback if you have thoughts guys.


Here is my story http://headjacked.wordpress.com/


Still on it? You need more soluble fiber for sure. That’s probably why you’re thinking of solid food so much. It’ll also slow down the sugar absorption from that instant hot chocolate mix.

It’d be in your best interest to get your omega fatty acids more in balance, and get a Vitamin D&K supplement. You can go waaaay over on D. I take 5,000 IU a day. I don’t absorb all of that of course. My blood work shows my D levels are just normal.

Consider making a balanced formula without the hot chocolate mix. You’ll tire of the flavor really fast. Something more neutral will be more sustainable and easier to switch up with flavor additives.