2 meals a day vs 3 meals a day of soylent


has anyone noticed much of a difference in how they feel or weight loss when moving from 2 meals a day to 100% official soylent?


Are you trying to go from 2 meals a day regular food to 3 meals a day Soylent ? It’s tough saying what could happen without knowing if you were getting a full day of calories that you needed. Cutting out fast food and other junk food and replacing with Soylent will definitely be beneficial. :stuck_out_tongue:


im doing breakfast and lunch with official soylent, but tend to end up eating something different for dinner, just wondering if anyone thats gone to 100% from 2 meals noticed any difference since your going from 66% rda of stuff to 100% and alot of people recommended slowly going to 100% soylent to let their bodies adjust anyway, ive been on soylent about a month doing 2 meals a day but end up caving on cravings for a normal meal at dinner time, just wondering if im missing out, havent noticed any weight loss yet, but just bought myself a row machine and withings activity tracker and scale, im also on myfitnesspal, trying to get more serious about getting to my ideal weight


Ahh, I’m doing 1 meal a day Soylent over breakfast and lunch and then regular food for dinner. Just adding the 1 meal vs nothing or junk that I’d eat has been a positive change. I would never suggest someone goes 100% unless it’s what you really want. If you are eating that dinner meal with family, I’d continue to go that route. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could always try to do smaller portions of regular food at dinner and drink Soylent as well with it. Let us know how things go for you.


I know this is old news, but a guy ate all his meals at McDonalds for 90 days and lost weight, and his key health indicators went down significantly.

For me, it’s not about how many meals I’m having of Soylent vs. meals of regular food, but only how many calories I’m putting in my body in a 24 hour period. I’ve lost about 12 pounds in a little over a week and expect to lose more on this 2,000 calorie a day adventure.