2 months Lab results, most looks good except Vitamin D


I started on DIY (People Chow) in early January. Didn’t get blood tests to start (I know, very unscientific of me). Looks like I need to increase my Vitamin D.


What do you plan on doing to increase D? The D is in your cal/mag supplement. You could i suppose increase your cal and mag…

What about ingredient #14 in this recipe: diy.soylent.me/recipes/kennufs-hybrid-v13 ?


Lookin’ good! I am going to start exclusive DIY soylent April 1st. What kind of test did you have done? If it’s not too personal a question, how much can I expect something like that to cost? Thanks!


Do you drink coffee chris? Caffine lowers the absorbtion of some vitamins/minerals, specificly vitamin D

I actually had dangerously low vitamin D and calcium, and as a result I had to take supplements with
1350+ IU vitamin D daily for a while to get back to normal levels, do you also spend plenty of time inside?

Low vitamin D levels are so common because of lack of sunlight combined with caffine and even poor diet. (but mainly the two first)


Not sure yet. I just got it this morning. I do have Vitamin D in the Cal/Mag/VitD supplement and I could just increase that (which I’ve been doing a little anyway for the last week since my muscles got ache-y again). I’ve also been toying with replacing the water in 1 or 2 of my bottles with milk to boost the calcium and vitamin D (and then adding cocoa powder too). There is also a pure vitamin D powder by purebulk that would do a number on that =).

Nope, I also don’t smoke, drink alcohol or have any fun at all (ok, maybe not that last part! =)

(note, this is not a picture of me - I have too many Y chromosomes: 1)

I do have a desk job and am inside almost all day. I’m also overweight which apparently contributes heavily to it, something about the fat cells being greedy with the vitamin D - which should be fun as I continue to lose weight and all that stored stuff gets dumped into my system. I guess It’s good I never did acid or THC.


I would have put money on you being Mormon! I know too many of them. Some of the best people i know.

@chris_bair You dont drink the entire days worth do you? Could that be where it falls short?


I’ve been a slacker in the past at drinking all of it, hence the reason I reduced the masa down 100g so I’m only consuming 3 bottles at ~1400 calories of soylent a day. Lately I’ve been a lot better and have (mostly) been pretty consistent about drinking it all (and then eating a little extra of whatever I cooked the kids for dinner).


Having done them both in copious amounts, I’m actually looking forward to the flashbacks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Quite literal laugh out loud.


Chris, does your insurance pay for the blood work, or did you have to pay out of pocket? (I’m curious on how the process works- if a doctor has to order the labs or if you can just walk in and ask for them.)


I realize I’m not Chris, but…

Generally a doc has to order the labs. I go into my doc’s office and they draw the blood there, and send it off to the lab, and I get a bill for my portion of the charges thereafter. Specifically, I pay my regular 30% coinsurance if the bloodwork is not considered “preventive.”

So once a year, I am allowed a general checkup. For that visit, because it’s billed as a “preventive” visit (not dealing with a particular problem) it’s covered 100% and I don’t pay anything. For follow up visits to check bloodwork because I’m on a funny diet, I pay the 30% since that’s considered “treatment” and not “preventive.” They love to split hairs.

Additionally it’s fair to point out that all plans are different, and what mine covers doesn’t necessarily say anything about what yours covers. It’s best to check directly with the insurance provider about when you pay for labs, and when they’re 100% covered.


Alternatively, I know that WelnessFX allows the same process, but without a doctor. Unfortunately, they don’t accept any type of insurance yet, so it’s all out of pocket.

I’m tempted, but $150 is a bit steep.


So it had been around 2 years since my last physical so when I went to my doctor and asked for a bunch o’ tests he was able to do all of them (including some others I didn’t list here, such as testosterone and the lovely “turn your head and cough” check) under the “routine physical” umbrella so my insurance (DMBA) was fine with it all. Thus far it looks like it was covered 100% with no out of pocket other than the office visit co-pay. As for additional tests down the road, I suspect it will be like evilOlive said.


I don’t think that vitamin D scale is accurate, according to most sources i could find the ideal value seems to be 26 and you have 26.5.
One thing i would suggest is upping your vitamin D to 800iu.
If you want to raise your vitamin D levels, according to the linked document, 40iu of vitamin D raises your blood level with 0.31ng/mL, which means supplementing 452iu on top of your current 600iu intake to get 30ng/mL

Link: http://www.direct-ms.org/pdf/VitDGenScience/Heaney%20vit%20D%20requirement%202005.pdf


Be sure you use D3, not D2. D2 (which is in production Soylent) needs sunshine to convert to D3 within your body.


HealthOne offers a long list liver, kidney, cholesterol, etc. checks for 60 dollars. That’s what I’ve used. I then upload my results into the wellnessfx database for easy comparison and review.