"2 months of Soylent arriving at HQ"





Was this a quote from Rosa?


The weekly updates now come in gif form. Yay!


So they are showing one customer receiving it? That’s the update? That answers none of the questions we want answers to.



“Unfortunately due to logistics constraints, a global rice shortage, and large number of vegan orders, this is all of the Soylent left.”


I feel kind of bad for that delivery guy. 60 lbs of Soylent and they’re just standing there with a camera. If I’m home when mine shows up I’ll at least meet them in the driveway.

Hopefully this is just a precursor and there will be a proper update tomorrow.


Tomorrow (5/9) marks 2 weeks since I received my starter kit, which contained the note saying “Great news: Your Soylent will be arriving in the next two weeks!” Needless to say, I’m not getting my hopes up, but it would certainly be appropriate to at least receive the shipping progress updates that have been promised for the past 3 weeks.


When I saw that photo with the card that said the Soylent would be arriving in the next two weeks, I knew instantly that it was a bad idea for the Soylent team to include those with the starter kits, lol.


Does anyone know what this post means or is referring to? If not, are we being trolled?


It is referring to the latest blog update. Hope that helps.


But what is the blog post referring to?


The update is showing FedEx delivering a two month order, to Rosa Labs HQ presumably.


I think it is showing a delivery from Rosa Labs to their HQ home. But I am totally guessing.


I believe they are one and the same, the New Yorker article made it sounds as though they they live and work from the same house.


I thought the copacker was in Colorado?


Did something get edited or removed from the initial post? I’m not understanding this thread at all.


Zen… http://blog.soylent.me


The copacker is off site, but Rosa Labs/Soylent is still just a few guys working from home.

I think we’re saying the same thing though. The blog is showing FedEx delivering a two month order, presumably to Rosa Labs HQ from RFI, the copacker.


this is basically just a troll update.
Everyone, including me was complaining about no one getting a shipment, and doubting whether anything was even being delivered.
This is the Response.

If my **** gets here tommorow before the weekend I will accept it. But if I get home and there is still no soylent in my apartment, i will hate this update.