2 separate 2 week orders


i ordered 2 weeks worth a few months ago, then ordered 2 weeks worth last month, will they come combined and sent out with the first round of shipments?


You should email info@soylent.com for that. Can also tag @JulioMiles to see if he catches it.


@antiman77 if you haven’t already emailed info, that’s the correct channel.


@antiman77 - could you let the community know what answer you receive? I placed a 2 week order in August and planned to place another this month (I’m currently waiting as I’ve become a bit hesitant with the delays).

I’m a bit curious why the Soylent team couldn’t answer the question in the post so the entire community could see how they are handling these situations?



i sent an email but havent gotten a reply yet


It’s info@soylent.me, correct?


Yes, that’s right, plus some other characters to get it to let me post.