20 bucks says Soylent is a viral marketing campaign


Why not use Kickstarter like everybody else?

It’s been explained.

Why has the Soylent Corporation been so vague about the final ingredient list?


I only skimmed through the article but I had the impression that zero research went into it. It’s shocking.


Sure is written by a man.


Where did this women go? She delete her comment? I wanted to laugh hysterically at her. DARN IT!!!


Isn’t her name Adrianne Jeffries?


Wait, did a woman start this topic and then delete her first post? Because as far as I can tell, there’s nothing indicating the gender of the person who wrote that article, so I hope you’re just talking about the OP.


HAHAHA!!! shes on twitter. Just search her name. She looks like a loon. She think this is some ruse that Warner Brothers is doing for advertising for a new Soylent Green movie. BAHAHA!!!


DAFUQ RUI! If it’s open source then would you please give me a link to the current version (v. 0.8 or whatever) with ingredients, quantities and sources for the ingredients? In accord with @johncoogan 's “collaborative” principles as explained here two weeks ago!

War is peace… slavery is freedom… secrecy is open source. George O. was just off on the date by a few decades, that’s all.


Just read the article, and the feedback below it. Everyone there (with a few exceptions) is incredibly cynical, and they come across as the kind of people who spout conspiracy theories at you constantly in the pub. They’re all very ‘wise-ass’ and snarky about it and I guess it’s the site’s angle of sarcasm that encourages this. It’s nothing new, nor is it something to be too concerned about. Let Soylent speak for itself. Some people won’t open their minds to new ideas. So be it. I don’t think anyone is demanding that traditional food is done away with.


She’s kinda right with the point: Why no publicly available recipe on an open source project?


ADRIANNE JEFFRIES DID NOT WRITE THE ARTICLE. Go read it. It’s by some person named SAM THONIS. For SOYLENT’S sake, before you start making fun of someone and saying they look like a loon get your SOYLENTING facts straight, okay?

mod edit: removed naughty language, but seriously, how can you all miss the byline so completely?


Her tweet is prominently displayed in the article. Clearly she is on board.


What in the world are you talking about? their recipe is readily available. WTF?


She works for the same company/article thing (I have no idea what the verge is) but that definitely doesn’t mean she’s in the same conspiracy theorist camp as the person who wrote the article. That doesn’t even make any sense. If you look in the comments, hers is the second and she’s suggesting they make a cake out of Soylent. Gee. Yep. It really sounds like she thinks this is all fake.


I am just having some fun, Jesus. Are you her BF or something? lol


Sorry, I may have gone a little overboard. It just seems incredibly misogynistic to me to assume that the person who wrote the article is female. I don’t know if they are or not, they may very well be, but I’m not going to assume that. I’ve grown up with a lot of people who have mental instability (or however you want to put it) so I tend to get kind of defensive when people use that as an insult. Sorry man.


ROTFLMAO! I quote from the above linked article:

" the few men who know the formula will kill to keep it a secret. "

Too funny!


Misogynistic? HOW??? I dont care if it were a man or a hermaphrodite.
Do you write for Jezebel or something? (ITS A JOKE DONT KILL ME!!!)
I called her a loon?
The definition of loon is
A silly or foolish person.


Just the way everyone assumed it was a woman was misogynistic. It goes along with the whole “crazy cat lady” trope. People tend to think of men as much more credible and more logic-based (I wouldn’t really consider this article to be logic-based, but maybe that’s just me) and so with assuming the author of the article is female, you’re basically saying no man would write such a thing because it’s so out there.
And when is the last time you heard loon used in such a manner? I’ve never heard it used like that. I think of loony or loony bin or lunatic when I hear the word loon. I’m pretty sure that’s what most people think of as well.
Also, as a note, I’m not even sure what Jezebel is.


Again, NOTHING about this post or anyones post in this thread was misogynistic. Not one. Nobody in this thread could give a rats keester if the person who wrote it was male or female or transgender. Not one little bit. What you think loon means and what it actually means are obviously two entirely different things. Any fun that was being made was not at mentally ill people nor women in general. JESUS!!! It was about this person and this person only. Self created drama where none existed. JESUS!!! This is like the little girl who cried misogyny. Eventually it loses its meaning and importance when its cried in situations that clearly arent misogyny. Misogyny is a very serious issue and shouldn’t be thrown around for craps and giggles lessening it its importance…


That’s not quite correct jahhluv. Their recipe is not available. Rob published an early blog post with his then ingredients list but declined to be specific about either quantities or sources – on the pretext that he didn’t want people to harm themselves experimenting (as though wholesale experimentation without an official list weren’t going on every day here amongst us DIYers) with soylent. Also that list has been undermined, almost disavowed, by their subsequent statements that there are a few other ingredients added that were not on that preliminary list, and that they intend to publish an authoritative list once the product ships (I don’t see how they could get out of that anyway). But if you think their full recipe with all ingredients and their quantities has been posted somewhere, I would invite you to favour us all with a link to it. 'Kay?