21 Bag Subscription


I suggest that a 21 bag subscription be added to the subscription options. The jump from 14 to 28 bags is really large.


I agree, I’m going through about 4 bags a week, so 21 days would be a lot closer to what I need than 14 or 28.


@JulioMiles suggested to me (I wanted a customer sub) that I should do 2 weeks and then switch my sub to a 1 week for the following month.

Same could be achieved here, go with the 4 week/month and then switch to 2 weeks. This will get you a 3 week supply for the next month.


I thought about switching my subscription amount periodically but on the customer portal web page there is no option to change the subscription size. The only option is to cancel the order. How did you change your subscription size?


I haven’t subscribed yet because I’m still waiting on my original 2 week order. I guess cancel, then resub the 1 week and then 2 week, etc. That’ll be my only option. :stuck_out_tongue:


How about this: Let customers select # of bags? Subs can be certain user selected # of bags per month too. Perfect for people who do NOT use Soylent for all meals for example.


As long as they pack a week’s worth into a box, the number of bags ordered should at least have to be a multiple of 7.


I also want a 3 week supply. I see myself switching monthly from 4 to 2 and back unless they fix this.


That is great idea, @asympt it would prevent less profitable single bag orders or thereabouts.


I just canceled my 14 bag subscription and was going to re-subscribe for 28 bags. It looks like that isn’t a great way to solve this problem. On the customer portal page at that point there wasn’t any way to place a 28 bag order. When I returned to the page where I originally signed up for the subscription, there was no place to log into my existing account. It appears that I would have had to create a new account to place an order, presumably using a different email address which would have placed me on the waiting list for getting soylent.

Fortunately, I received an email asking me to confirm whether I had intentionally canceled. I explained the situation in a reply email. Unfortunately I received an email response that they are experiencing high email volume and it may take a week or so to respond. I feel like I’m risking losing my 14 bags in an an attempt to get an average of 21 bags.


When @JulioMiles or @MattCauble sees this we should get an explanation for how you can do that.


I was just about to make this same thread! I was planning on switching my subscription every month but that seems annoying and I will probably forget. I’m trying to maintain a 60-75% Soylent diet so neither the 14 or 28 bag options work for me. 21 bags would be perfect. Is it possible to have a subscription to both 14 and 7 days? I could live with that.


I just got my new shipment and it was two 7-day boxes packed into a larger box that easily has room for three. Knowing this, I can’t see any valid reason that 21-day subs aren’t an option outside of the income boost that forcing a larger subscription might provide. With that in mind, I’m sticking with my 14-day sub until I have the option for 21.