23andme - How to use it in the context of Soylent


I have recently received my results for the 23andme test and would like to know if there is a way to improve my diet based on the results obtained. Do you guys simply find the stuff you’re prone to and start supplementing accordingly?


@Chris_Tanti - No responses to this? I’m a little surprised. But then again, I just saw it and it appears to be several months old.

I would love to be able to input my blood/urine/DNA test results into the Soylent order form and have a perfectly customized blend sent to me. I think that most people who are willing to pay for those tests and are not uber-paranoid about providing that information to a company would want that. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening any time soon. I think, at best, we’ll end up with a few variations on Soylent like “keto” (low carb), “athlete” (higher calorie, higher protein), etc. unless Rob and Co. decide to build some robotic packing system that custom blends every single batch just as quickly/easily as it would churn out multiple batches of the same blend.

There’s also the concern of what the actual benefits/detriments of supplementing against a condition you may have, or may eventually have based on what the 23andme test results show. If the test shows that you have a 12% chance of getting Alzheimer’s, should you somehow change your diet to try to reduce the risk? Do we actually know of any specific dietary changes that do, for sure, reduce the risk? etc. etc. etc. I don’t know if that’s something the Soylent team is going to want to get into or not.

However, for the DIY soylent, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do this. If you have a condition or are highly prone to a condition that requires you to have more calcium, or iron, or whatever in your diet, figure out what you need and adjust accordingly. Might want to discuss those types of changes with your doctor first, but nobody’s going to stop you, right? :smile:

Soylent = The official stuff
soylent = The DIY stuff


I haven’t seen anything in my 23andme results that seem like they can really guide me in this regard, have you? Regardless, I agree this would be a laudable goal.


Resurrecting this one - I am considering uploading my 23andme raw data to a site called SNPedia maybe I can get better reporting… anyone played around with this site?


There are a very few results that are any help with diet. If I remember correctly there’s one on ability to digest starch and one on caffeine metabolism (I’m slow :sob:). I haven’t looked at my results in six months but I just don’t think it puts out much information.


I came across a relevant article:

Apparently there’s a patent application for gene tailored weight loss programs, which Louie Helm read and condensed into a flow chart. Seems he doesn’t recommend weighting these results as strongly as evidence gained through self experimentation, considering unknown unknowns regarding SNPs and metabolic pathways, but thinks that it could outperform intuition and be used as a tie breaker/pointer towards the direction self experimenters could try out first.


I took this test:

Checked rs4994 - I got AA
Chedked rs1042713 - I got GG (this is strange according to 23andme the variations are A or G) whilst the test mentions a TT…

At this point I am told that I am at “a genetic disprivilege - only high intensity exercise will help you lose weight”

I move on and checked rs1799883 - unfortunately 23andme doesn’t have data about this.

So I take both branches:

Assuming my rs1799883 is “ELSE”

I checked rs1801282 - I get CC

At this point I am told “Genetic Disprivilege - you will lose 2.5x as much weight on a law fat diet”

Assuming my rs1799883 is “GG”

I check rs1801282 - got CC
I check rs1042714 - got CC

At this point I am told “Genetic Privilege Any diet works for you”.

So I am stuck before I don’t have data for the rs1799883 and results depend on it.

My bodytype is ectomorph and I have to eat a substantial amount of food to gain weight. In fact it was very difficult for me to do some bodybuilding whilst losing weight (with the calorie counting method) was relatively easy. I usually crave for carbs.


Here’s my test results using my data from 23andMe. I’m stuck with the same missing data element that you are.

rs4994 - AA
rs1042713 - GG

Results in - [88%] Genetic Disprivilege: Only High Intensity Exercise Will Help You Lose Weight

rs1799883 - No Data

rs1801282 - CC
rs1042714 - CG

Results in - [39%] Genetic Disprivilege - You Will Lose 2.5x As Much Weight On A Low Fat Diet


Our only difference is in rs1042714. What bodytype do you have?


I’m mesomorph according to my wife.