24/7 Work Schedule and Soylent


Been reading here for a while and finally took the plunge to order everything I need to make my first Soylent batch. The question I have is that I work very odd hours. Anytime day or night, sleeping day and night and don’t follow any kind of schedule when I comes to eating. So how do you think this is going to affect me while trying to use Soylent? I plan to start my day, whether its day or night when I wake up. But does anyone think that my lack of being on some sort of schedule could possibly through things off. I may not be phrasing this correctly, so to put it in easy to understand terms. I don’t have a regular sleep schedule due to being on call 24/7 (I work for the railroad) So how should I structure my eating or does it even matter? Thanks for any help. I am looking forward to this experience and appreciate any help you guys can give. And if it matters I am following this recipe as it was the easiest for me to start with. http://soylentmaker.com/the-beginners-diy-soylent-recipe/


I don’t consume my drink on any schedule at all. I can tell when I’m going to be get hungry and I drink some then. Not even a full mug. As long as you plan your day’s nutrition into a drink that you consume across whatever that day might look like I see no issues at all. Soylent is perfect for that kind of schedule. Just consume a days worth in whatever your living day looks like.


I figured as much, but just wanted some confirmation. With my work schedule I never know when I am going to work or when I might get off. I’m worried about my timing when it comes to drinking it as I don’t want to get an energy boost when all of a sudden I am going to need to lay down cause I might be goin to work in a few hours. For those that have used the Soylent, how long does it take you to wind down enough to sleep, or is it even an issue?


So I normally don’t sleep anyways. But I have found that if I drink my last shake an hour or less before I lay down, I wake up with a lot of phlegm in the morning. So I try to consume my last shake at least 90 minutes before attempting to sleep.

As for the energy, I don’t have any highs or lows any more, it is stable throughout the day, even just after consuming a shake. So in theory for a normal person there shouldn’t be any issue with sleeping. But then again it does depend on your recipe.


There are so many factors that will go into how much you can drink before sleeping. Last night I saw a late movie and didn’t get home until after midnight. I had a few inches of drink left in the 500ml bottle and I was hungry so I drank it. I went to sleep about 20 minutes later, no problem. The kinds of carbs you have in your drink, their GI, and the amount will make all the difference between this working for you or not.

I did notice that I woke up a little less refreshed this morning than I did the few previous mornings, but I can’t correlate the two with such flimsy evidence.


So I guess it will be a matter of trial and error to figure out how its going to work for me. I will try to keep a log of the times I go to sleep and when I eat last. To see if there might be some correlation with what you described. Like you said not alot of evidence to go with so I might as well test it out and see. I am really looking forward to getting started. Still have more research I want to do, but I want to have everything on hand once I am ready. Thanks for all the info. I really appreciate the input.