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First order of 14 oz Bottles, 12 Pack (You can cancel S&S if you like after it ships)


So this works on Cacao, Original and Strawberry but Original is the same price as Cacao ($37) and Strawberry is $4 cheaper… And it kept letting me do it so I got 7 boxes of Strawberry for $20 each (Amazon might go back and cancel them?).

These coupon posts are always created by brand new forum accounts linking to one of those sketchy savings sites. What is the cost to me for using these deals? All my information ever is being sold to everyone?


You can get the discount without going through that sketchy savings site. Just go straight to Amazon and find the Soylent and click the coupon right on Amazon.


Oh I know, but for some reason the coupon wouldn’t work with Strawberry unless I clicked on it through that site (now it doesn’t work with Strawberry either way).