28 Day Experiment on Space Nutrients 100% Food


Hey everyone, new to the forum here. I recently moved to a place where the main activity seems to be eating out. After eight months of that, I was feeling a bit unhealthy and decided I needed to do a healthy reboot.
I discovered Soylent and really wanted to give it a try, but I was also anxious to start my reboot ASAP – so the long shipping time was a concern. This led me to discover Space Nutrients 100% Food. I am currently on day four of my 28 day experiment eating only 100% Food. So far, so good. You can follow along with my experiment here: http://www.lasvegasoutsider.com/category/food/space-nutrients/
Has anyone else done this with either Soylent or 100% Food? When I am done with the 100% Food 28 day experiment, I would like to try it with Soylent. I’m not sure if it would be a good idea to do back-to-back experiments; two months of nothing but liquid meal replacements might be too much.
Any thoughts or suggestions will be much appreciated.


The long shipping time for Soylent appears to be a thing of the past; a week between order and receipt seems typical now. The official site says four weeks, but it is just being cautious.

Lots of people have tried Soylent for a month or so; I’m on my fourth month or so of mostly Soylent, and many are on longer runs than that.


I took that quote from your blog. I imagine that Soylent 1.4 would be very similar to organic 100% Food. To me it tastes exactly how you described, like oatmeal with a little sugar added and then diluted. I’m on 1.4 subscription right now, but when have enough 1.4 in stock I will pause then sample some of the 100% Food. Please let the board know if you taste Soylent, how it compares. Thanks for posting, I’ll be checking in on your blog in the future.


Interesting thing tonight…it’s about 7:30pm and I’m not hungry at all. I had my last 100% Food meal at noon and no other foods.


@xmathematicsx - have a look at these recent video reviews if you’re interested 100%FOOD:

Thanks @LasVegasOutsider for making comparison, your blog is nice!


Today I wrote about some of the food dreams I have been having since I started 100% Food: http://www.lasvegasoutsider.com/100-food-day-twelve/

Has anyone else experienced this? I never really had food dreams before, so I find this quite interesting.


I tell you more - I started to see dreams during nights… I haven’t had them for years…


Almost to the end now. Only two days left! Have lost a bit of weight and no side effects. You can see my week three update here: http://www.lasvegasoutsider.com/100-food-day-twenty-one/