3 week subscription possible?


I just completed a 1 week trial run of Soylent and am pleasantly surprised with it so I’d like to incorporate it more into my diet. I’m having issues trying to figure out which subscription to order though.

30 days/month * 3 meals/day = 90 meals per month

  • If i eat out 3 or 4 meals a week (12-16 total a month),

74-78 soylent meals per month / 4 meals per pouch = 18.5 - 19.5 pouches per month of soylent.

The subscription currently comes in 2 or 4 week (14 or 28) pouches and I’m pretty close to the middle of those numbers.Is the best solution to create 2 accounts and have one be a 1-week/month subscription and the other a 2-week/month subscription? This gives me 21 pouches/month which is close enough and still provides optimal cost savings over buying a one-off 1-week every month. Unfortunately I can’t think of any other solution.

Is there any chance we might see a 3 week subscription for those who like to cheat a little? :smile:


Welcome to discourse.

This has been discussed ad nauseam:

21 Bag Subscription

Increased variation in order sizes would be convenient

If you enter “21 bags” in search, you will find approximately another ten threads where this is mentioned.

(I am in the same boat; my Soylent consumption falls in the 75%-range.)


You could just go for the month/month subscription (for best discount) and pause the subscription whenever you have enough surplus at home to skip one. Otherwise,you could go with the smaller subscription and place extra non-sub orders to supplement, but that would be more expensive.


Thanks for the links Ric! - apologies for not hitting the search button first. Should’ve known I wasn’t the only one with this dilemma. :slight_smile: I will be interested to see the feedback from the vendor as this would plug a big hole in the offerings.

Uueerdo - I saw that mentioned in one of the post above. Sounds like the most cost efficient strategy with the minor expense of remembering to turn the sub on/off again. Appears to be the best way to go for now. Thanks!


You can also subscribe more than one option at a time, like 2 weeks and 1 weeks subscription. But it is cheaper to do one month and then pause it