3 weeks of Soylent in need of a new home


I recently received my one month order of Soylent. After trying it for a few days, even though it is a fine product, I have decided to stick with my DIY recipe. As it stands, I currently have three weeks of Soylent in unopened boxes (each box is a week’s worth of Soylent). I am willing to sell them at my cost of about $190 for all three boxes. I’ll cover shipping (USPS) to any US address. Please let me know if you are interested.



Just signed up so can’t PM yet - feel free to PM me. And this thread will probably get shut down since sales aren’t supposed to be done on the forums any longer :smile:


Thanks, everyone, but my Soylent is no longer available as it will soon be on its way to a new owner.


Reminder, selling Soylent is not allowed in the Soylent forums.