30 Day Experiment - see what dad's life has been like

Today is the final day of my 30 day experiment with liquid only diet. My father had cancer a decade ago, and a consequence of that has been that he was tube-fed while undergoing treatment then, and has been tube-fed for the past 2-3 years and will for the rest of his life.

I used Soylent, along with protein powder, fiber, sodium, and Nuun, to somewhat replicate his experiences and try to understand what being unable to taste food and eat anything solid is like.

Long story short - physical health much improved once I dialed in the sodium (matches dad’s experience - says the cancer saved his life because he lost a lot of weight ~150lb from liquid diet), and social health challenging (but not insurmountable).

I plan to keep incorporating soylent into my life, but am very excited to crush a burger and fries tonight (will that wreck my digestion?? Seems worth it to me right now drool).

Journal about experience here –


Sudden big changes in diet can, but doesn’t always, cause temporary digestive problems. Also your tastes are very likely to have changed. This applies to any diet, soylent or otherwise.

But there’s no reason you couldn’t eat a burger. Though i would avoid pigging out too much at once though. Start with a small, just in case.