30 Day Soylent Challenge #2


It was April of 2016 that I did my last 30 Day Soylent Challenge and I now in April of 2017 I’m doing it again.

My wife and I made a pre-New Year’s Resolution back in December of 2015 to get healthier, we both had plenty of weight (fat) to lose and began to track our progress on a weekly basis. A short time later I found Soylent online and after a few weeks of research I decided to try it. To my surprise it wasn’t half bad and I noticed a lot of aches and pains going away. I was actually considering taking vitamins because I knew I wasn’t getting enough in my diet, and Soylent definitely filled that void.

After doing Soylent for a short time, I decided to do a 30 Day Soylent Challenge. It was boring, but not too hard and I managed to lose 15 lbs and I’ve kept it off this entire time, but I haven’t lost much more since then. My weight (as a 5’10" male) up until this point has been…

215 lbs - Start of 2016 (Jan '16)
200 lbs - Start of Soylent (April '16)
185 lbs - After Soylent (May '16)
180 lbs - Now (April '17)

I’ve been doing Soylent for 10 out of 20 meals a week for the past year (pretty consistently as breakfast & lunch Mon-Fri at work). My biggest problem is that I love to eat and I often splurge whilst doing so. Soylent allows me to set defined limits that I can stick to and thus I can better reach my goals through Soylent.

My Goals

I’m planning on shedding fat whilst adding what muscle I can, more than anything I want to obtain a more attractive physique. I also want to become healthier and to feel free in my own body. During this month long challenge, I want to reassess my habits and become more productive overall. I actually made a schedule for myself for the first time in my life and hopefully that will help me.

The last time I did a 30 Day Soylent Challenge it gave me a lot of time to think and reflect on my eating habits (among other things). I managed to do well for a short time after coming off of my 30 Day Challenge, but I got discouraged from the lack of progress and I plateaued for a year. A lot of it was my fault because I haven’t been serious in a long time, but I’m hoping I can reset my eating habits and my optimism towards weight loss. If I can build good habits during this time, it will help me in the long run.

The Plan

2200 Calories a day with a challenging exercise routine. Same routine every day, with slight variations.


  • 2000 Calories of Soylent with 200 Calories of Protein Powder mixed in.
  • Three 600 Calorie Meals and One 400 Post Workout Shake each day.
  • Water, water, and more water.


  • Workout #1 = 100 Pushups, 100 Situps, and 100 Squats
  • Workout #2 = One Mile RUN -or- 10k Walk
  • Workout #3 = 10 Minutes of Alternating One Leg Hops, 10 Minutes of doing what I can on the Pull-up bar, and some Forearm work.

The routine involves doing the diet spread evenly through the day whilst doing each routine at designated times each day. It’ll be tough, but I’m sure that if I stick with it, I can get results. Wish me luck, I’ll let you all know how it turns out!

[details=Old Pics]Here are my Day 0 pictures…

Day 00 Stats - 180 lbs, 20% Body Fat
Day 28 Stats - 169 lbs, 14% Body Fat


Good luck, and keep your eyes on the prize! Plenty of people have had great results with challenges like this.


Hey, this is great! I’m pulling for you on this one, bro. I started at 183 on the first of April going 100% with 2.0 so I’m into my third week now. It sounds like you and I are in similar situations. Those numbers of yours are encouraging. It may have felt like slow going but you’ve made real progress. Keep at it.

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[quote=“JustSnilloc, post:1, topic:27195”]- Workout #1 = 100 Pushups, 100 Situps, and 100 Squats

  • Workout #2 = One Mile RUN -or- 10k Walk[/quote]
    Who do you think you are, One-Punch Man?

Thanks! I’m not sure what sort of results to expect this time, but hopefully they are encouraging. :smile:

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See, when I first met my wife I was 160, then when we got married (two years later) I was 170. The weight slowly kept adding on until I was embarrassed by the number itself and I said enough was enough.

Out of curiosity, have you been trying to lose weight before Soylent? How have you done thus far?

Definitely inspired by, lol. It’s a simple routine, but I need simple. At my level it’s also a good challenge. Other (super fit) people often consider the routine to be a joke, but it’s a full body routine that works well for me. I can do all but the running/walking at home, and I can more easily abide by a schedule because of that.

I’ll let you know if my hair falls out and I obtain super powers though. XD


Appropriate to your level is what matters. That’s how you get your level to change!



My weight now is only about 15 pounds or so more than I’m comfortable with, but it’s crept up so slowly that I never really worried about it. I guess you could say this is my first real attempt to get it under control. Also (and I assume this applies to you as well) it’s more a matter of getting “in shape” than specifically losing weight, and I mean that in more ways that just physically.

Not only am I exercising and using Soylent as a ridiculously easy way to keep track of calories and nutrition, I’ve also completely given up sugar, nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol, and in addition I’m trying to make changes in my behavior and thought processes, although of course those are much more difficult to quantify.


I can relate. I’ve been meaning to follow a routine of another fictional character. Get home by 8 PM every day at the latest. Have a glass of warm milk & do about 20 minutes of stretches before going to bed at 11 PM. It’s simple, but probably a lot better for me than waking up & falling asleep at any given hour of the day, the way I currently seem to.

[quote=“JustSnilloc, post:7, topic:27195, full:true”]At my level it’s also a good challenge. Other (super fit) people often consider the routine to be a joke, but it’s a full body routine that works well for me. I can do all but the running/walking at home, and I can more easily abide by a schedule because of that.[/quote]I’m not very fit myself, but since I currently have to walk around a lot because of my job, I’m in better shape than I used to be. According to the pedometer on my phone, the most I ever had to walk was 12 miles. Since I plan on quitting/moving soon, I figured I should keep doing some walking or running on my own. I’ve thought about doing some upper body, but 100 pushups & situps are currently too much for me. I’d also like to go 100% soylent (or similar) but my current living conditions make that impossible.

[quote=“JustSnilloc, post:7, topic:27195, full:true”]I’ll let you know if my hair falls out and I obtain super powers though. XD[/quote]Please do & good luck! :grinning:


Friday was rough for the workout, had a long day at work and was already tired before I started. Saturday night my back was sore, and this morning it was hard to move around too much. Regardless of that, Soylent has been giving my body the nutrition it needs to recover. I doubt I’d be getting back to feeling better as quick without it.

My weight was 175 this morning. I’m sure part of that is water fluctuation and other non-permanent weight, but I’m sure that at least some of it was part of the fat I’m trying to lose. So it’s encouraging, thankfully, lol.

All Soylent is still boring, but thankfully that’s the worst of it. One week down, three to go!


The workout side of things didn’t go well this week, (very inconsistent,) I had to rediscover my motivation for it. The Soylent side of things went fairly smoothly though, I had a few dreams that I accidentally ate something other than Soylent. XD

This week’s weight was 173.4 lbs. After the first week’s weight being a sort of “Soylent Base Weight”, I’m fairly certain that most of that should be long-term weight loss, so I’m excited.

I got a couple more flavors of protein powder to mix things up, but it doesn’t do much to trick me into thinking I’m not eating the same thing every day, every meal, lol. Two weeks down, two weeks to go!

To explain the previous post a bit more (because I realized a lot of context was missing), I did something to my back during my teen years to make it prone to (minor to serious) pain if I don’t take care of it. I think the cause for it this time was a combination of increased workout loads and bad posture. The part about the Soylent praise isn’t just me being goofy either, and I mentioned this in the backstory part of the original post, but I’ve noticed it help with aches and pains.

So yeah, now I’m debating on what I want to do after this challenge is complete…


Decided to drop the workout for a week and did a lot of walking in its place (10k a day) and dropped to 2000 calories a day. I’m actually excited to get started on the workout plan again, lol. Who knew stopping would help to not only motivate me, but to also get me excited?

I was at 171 lbs this week. It’s looking like I’ll break through the 170’s without stopping. Which is awesome considering I had been stuck at the same weight (180) for so long.

I’m going to try to intensify my initial workout plan for this final week. I’m also planning on eating 2400 calories a day (1 bag of soylent + 2 scoops of protein powder), or I’m going to try at least. With this being the final week, I’m going to do my best to ensure this challenge ends as well as I could have hoped. I’ll update the progress pics at that time as well, see you all then!

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That is fantastic! You’ve made so much progress.

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After today, I have two more days to go before completing my challenge. That being said, I went ahead and did my “final” weigh in and pictures (since I do my weigh in every Sunday). I also updated the original post to include the new pictures.

Final Week Stats - 169 lbs, 14% Body Fat
Pre Week 1 Stats - 180 lbs, 20% Body Fat

I feel like the visual results are subtle, but certainly capable of being noticed. I tried to do pictures that would make the best comparisons too (consistency), so hopefully that helped.

My experience - I had a much harder time sticking to the workout plan than I did with the Soylent. Of course, having done one of these challenges in the past helped along with having Soylent for breakfast and lunch through the work week for the past year helped too. I’m just not the type of guy who LOVES exercise, lol. Being active and doing things like walking through a park was easier to want to do and to enjoy. I added protein powder to my Soylent throughout the month and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever hated protein powder so much and loved plain Soylent equally as much. My workouts were inconsistent and it wasn’t until the final week that I even started my planned routine of adding forearms to my plan, not to mention week 3 went completely without exercise (I simply walked instead). I’ve had cravings for other foods and even a few dreams in the beginning, but I was determined to complete this challenge and I’ll complete it this coming Tuesday.

If anyone is finding themselves in a rut, or wants a guaranteed method to ensure weight loss (along with a healthier body in general) I would definitely suggest trying a 30 Day Soylent Challenge. Of course, with Soylent being food, you could gain weight if that was your goal as well, but most of us are trying to lose not gain. That being said, it isn’t called a challenge for no reason. Socially it can be hard, and day to day, hour to hour, it is dreadfully boring, lol. The best part about the challenge is that it is very hard to mess up.

Overall, I’ve appreciated Rob Rhinehart and his team/company for creating Soylent and sharing it with the public. It helps me to be a healthier version of myself in a very simple way. Going forward, I’ll probably continue to do as I have done in the past and do Soylent for breakfast/lunch through the work week, and maybe even a few mini-challenges along the way.

Feel free to ask if anyone has any questions!


Bravo, brother! You did it! The mistake I’ve made in the past with similar challenges is not seeing them as permanent changes to my lifestyle. Remember to incorporate the best lessons that you’ve learned this past month as you move forward. They say that it takes 66 days to learn a new habit, so keep doing some things for at least another month and see how much easier they become to continue with.

Anyway, it’s nice looking in the mirror and seeing positive changes, right? Everything that you do like this is a gift to your future self and an investment in your life and well-being. Remind yourself that you’re worth it. Remember that small investments in yourself now pay off huge in the years to come.