30 Days of Soylent Weight Loss


Hello Everyone,

I am a week into my Soylent journey however I wanted to create this thread so that I could record my changes and inform others who are considering jumping onboard! My plan is to complete a 30 day 99% Soylent diet. Before starting my diet my regular eating habits were terrible. I would have days where I was eating 3 tacos, a large nachos, large soda from Taco Bell for lunch and then eat a whole medium pizza, 16 pc garlic knots, a 2 liter of soda and 2 lava cakes for dinner (Yes, I actually had that all in one day)

I’m 22 years old and knew I needed to change for obvious reasons, but the biometric screening we had at work really woke me up. I had high cholesterol, my BMI was in the obese category, and my friends were commenting on my eating habits. I had a minor surgery where it was recommended that I take it easy and not eat anything too heavy for a while so I figured there was no better time to start this Soylent journey.

The rules I’ve given myself are that I will have 4 bottles of Soylent a day (I’ll allow myself 5 if the hunger is present) and I’ll allow myself to eat regular food since we regularly have special events or catered lunches at work but I’ll account for that and adjust my Soylent intake on those days. Overall though no going out or special meals more than once a week.

My Stats:
Height: 5’10
Weight: 223LBS
Waist: 38"

STARTING DAY: September 11th, 2017

First Week Complete:
Soylent has definitely surprised me in terms of how satisfying it is! The taste is wonderful, the price can’t be argued considering I’ve been spending $600/month going out eating fast food (mainly due to convenience) and the drink definitely satisfies my hunger! I haven’t felt the need to have more than 4 drinks in one day. The weight loss was significant in the first week however I’m sure that’s due to a reduced sodium intake. I don’t expect the weight loss I experienced in the first week to continue at the rate it has going forward, but I’m very curious to see how my body will respond after 30 days. So far I’ve had no issues with digestion or anything else for that matter with Soylent.

End of Week Stats:
Weight: 215lbs
Waist: 38"
Change: -8lbs

I’ll continue to update as time continues!


im also on a weight loss journey with soylent, im 2.5 months in out of the 5 months i imagine it will take to get where i want, lost 25lbs so far, i would suggest looking into your recommended protein intake, i had to add protein powder to my soylent to make sure most of the weight loss was from fat and not including muscle loss


Thanks, I appreciate that advice and goodluck continuing your journey! Right now I’m not too worried about the protein intake since I’m not working out and I’m still recovering from surgery, however I was given the clear to start working out in 3 weeks by my doctor, so it’s definitely something I’m going to look into once I start incorporating exercise into my mix.

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its not even about working out, its about hitting your macro’s, if youre wanting to lose weight they say we need just as much if not more protein than a body builder, and thats if youre sedentary


Bravo! As a former Taco Bell fan myself I know how difficult the journey to good nutrition can be. Over the last 5 years my journey has included reducing soda intake, reducing red meat intake and ultimately (for the last two years) Soylent and a general reduction in carbs/sugar. Look forward to hearing more about your progress… hang in there!

PS I should also happily note that soda does not go well with Soylent and in general I find Taco Bell products much less tasteful now than I did 5 years ago…


Thank you, I appreciate the encouragement! I’ve tried other methods of fixing my diet but they’ve never stuck for more than a day. The fact that I’ve been able to get through this for a week without having any of those temptations or feeling like I’m “missing out” is a very exciting thing for me. I’m eager to see how my body changes once I can start incorporating exercising with my diet.


I actually started my third 30 Day Soylent Challenge today. While it is certainly effective at weight loss (depending on how much you eat), there is one fatal flaw in a 100% Soylent diet when doing it for weight loss. That’s the fact that it doesn’t teach you good eating habits.

Don’t get me wrong, in and of itself Soylent is very effective and I would vouch for it all day every day. However, my advice would be to closely monitor the differences between former and current eating habits. Do your best to learn from the experience and take it as a chance to “reset” your cravings, your habits, and your mindset when it comes to food.


I agree with this completely. I’m on about 66% Soylent and I love it for it’s health and ease of use, but I also do eat solid food at least once a day and with only 400-500 calories to make a meal out of it forces me to learn to eat better if I want to be full and under calorie for the day. It’s easier than doing that all day though, and that’s probably why my previous diets always failed. It’s really difficult to plan and cook three 400 calorie meals EVERY day. It’d take up all of my time.

Many people get worried about my 1200/day intake, please don’t. I’m a short lazy female. It doesn’t take a lot of calories to keep me going.

I say it almost every time I post but THANK YOU SOYLENT. I’m 35# down today and while it was no easy feat on my part I definitely attribute my success to Soylent.


That is awesome! Keep at it! Soylent was my “magic bullet” and I love hearing about other people who have also found it to be a valuable tool in regaining their health and well being.


I seriously appreciate everyone’s encouragement and wise words! I definitely agree, I’ll need to re-evaluate my diet and Soylent isn’t going to solve my eating habit problems, but it’s a great way for me to kickstart my journey to a healthier life. I’m not restricting myself to purely Soylent, I am allowing myself a day or two during the week to break from it but interestingly I let myself have a cheat day yesterday and had alcohol. I was shocked at how many calories I consumed from alcohol alone after my friend talked with me about it and it’s really making me think twice about that next drink! I know weight loss is a long and slow journey but I think Soylent will give me the progress I need at this time before I move to the next step. (Hoping to get a personal trainer after I’m well enough to start working out and fully recovered)


Thanks SoyVegas. I’ve got a long way to go (about another 70lbs) but for the first time in my life I feel like I’m on a sustainable diet and I really feel like I can go all the way and stay there. I can’t wait to be able to look back on my current self in the same way that my current self looks at my high weight self. It’s an exciting experience.


I’ve noticed one other flaw about soylent and weight loss… It’s easy for me to eat a lot of soylent… I try to go for 1200-1400 calories a day, but end up being hungry a lot… so I usually end up getting the full 2,000 calories of soylent each day… I have been maintaining weight with this, but I would like to drop 15lbs… I found that it was easier to lose weight with real whole foods! I have stomach issues (that’s why I am on soylent)…


Interesting. To tell the truth, if I were only 15 lbs overweight, I would be celebrating. But, are you overweight, or would you just like to lose 15 lbs? Soylent is not necessarily a good ally for unneeded weight loss. But, have you tried more exercise?


I an 18 lbs underweight to be honest, but I am working to lose the weight to be a model :slight_smile:
I didn’t join soylent to lose weight, though I have heard it is often a positive effect of the amazing stuff. I joined because of gastro issues to be up front about it XD I don’t digest solid foods proeprly and they sit and pile up in my stomach, with soylent being mainly liquid, I don’t have it weighing in my stomach in a ball from not digesting properly >,< I do walk everyday for exercise, though on thing about soylent is that it makes me extremely tired. I’ve been on soylent for two weeks and every since day 3/4 I have been fatigued and brain foggy out of my mind. I will feel dizzy when I get up, so I haven’t been able to do my walking :frowning: I went back to my pre-soylent diet yesterday, and felt loads better :smiley:


Two weeks is nothing – I think you haven’t yet learned to use Soylent optimally for you. To judge from what you have said, you plan to consume far less calories than you need, then at the end of the day, you relent and end up consuming “the whole 2000 calories” or words to that effect. For one thing, 2000 calories is an average, and you don’t sound average. But you are underweight, and hunger is natural. Tiredness is probably natural, too.

So, I don’t know what you should do, given your goals. But I just remembered something a psychoanalyst said; unfortunately I don’t remember who.

When they come to me, he commented, people are often desperate because their crazy lifestyles aren’t working, and they know it. They want me to help them continue their lifestyles but be happier. But I have to convince them that they have to abandon their crazy lifestyles.

Something like that. I don’t mean that to apply to you, it just came into my mind. Good luck, and best wishes.


I decided to return back to my “pre-soylent” diet. I was on a whole food plant based diet, and I wasn’t tired at all like I am on soylent. I was eating far less calories and had lots of energy and less hunger. I think I will use soylent for when I am traveling out of town. (I take car trips 2-3 days a month.) I’ll make up a pitcher of it and carry it in a cooler in the car lol.


A lot of my friends have lost weight after switching to vegan food for some time. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no propaganda but it just works. It’s just my methods include soylent as well but it was longer than 30 days. The only problem is that the vegan diet costs more because you start to eat more food to feel fed. Here we another problem such as a portion control. I have practiced this kind of weight loss also if you ask me. I couldn’t have called my self “fatty” because I had a real weight problem. So I treated my self with countermeasures by using appetite suppressors. It did pretty well! And I’ve also saved some money on food. Now when I’m in a better shape I keep my body fit with exercises and diet I told you in the beginning. It could sound trivially but saying “no” to any kind of fast food and taking an hour walk during the day will bring positive result after a few months! Everything was taught to us since school, sometimes it’s important to keep knowledge in mind, the P.E. was never an exception.


Im surprised by the people who are able to go 100% soylent and keep the calories down. My stomach is empty an hour after I consume soylent so its great for a pre-workout meal but thats it. Solid food keeps my hunger away for 2-3 hours so its much better for keeping down calories for me. I wish it digested slower cause going 100% soylent would make life much easier.


Hi Predator, I would suggest adding a banana to it and in addition to sipping it over time. I have found that the main difference between solid food and powder based food like soylent is the rate at which your body can absorb the nutrients. If I chug my soylent the bulk of the nutrients will not have time to be absorbed, simply how easy it is for your body to move it through the stomach and intestines. Solid food on the other hand is a job for your stomach and even more so based on how much you broke it down by chewing. I have been on 95%-100% soylent (Plus a banana now) for 129 days and it has really reprogrammed my understanding of food and what my body needs.
Adding a banana to your shake will slow down the process of digestion, simply because of the solid gel like state a blended banana retains and make you feel fuller for quite a bit longer. You actually wont want to drink anymore until the feeling fades away.