30% off Vanilla Soylent through 06/11

In case anyone missed it, got this in an email a little while ago. Coupon code “VANILLA30” will get you 30% off a non-subscription order of vanilla Soylent (not Cafe vanilla).

Perfect timing too, tomorrow is the last day we can change this month’s subscription order at Amazon so I canceled our 2 cases of vanilla there, and bought 2 from Soylent instead for less. Nice. :slight_smile:

Coupon valid until 11:59PM Pacific time, 06.11.19


Ugh, vanilla is the worst

Wow I don’t think so… as long as I cut it 50/50 with regular, it’s my second favorite behind Chai (also cut 50/50 with regular). My only real complaint about both vanilla and chai is that they are too strong. Not talking about cafe vanilla however, which I don’t care for at all as I’m not a coffee drinker and didn’t realize it was a coffee flavor.

Strange, I really like vanilla. Vanilla, Chocolate, and original are all very close in how much I like them. Strawberry is a distant 4th place, nowhere near as good as the other 3.

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