34 days on "100% Food"

I think I might share my experiences with you guys here:

I was looking for a solution to fit my athletic needs (lots of traveling, late night workouts, irregular schedule, high calorie consumption, very long training sessions and multi-day races) for quite some time now when I stumbled across 100% Food and Aleh’s story.
As it seemed as the perfect solution for me, I ordered a month worth of 100% Food (and also the Double Protein and Low Carb versions; due to the even higher Protein rate) to give it a try.

Here are my experiences:
(Disclaimer: I am a vegetarian and normally pay close attention to what I eat)

Day 1-7
One, sometimes two, 100% Food Double Protein shakes a day. Mostly instead of lunch while I was out working and traveling. Sometimes I was a bit hungry at night which I overcame with cashew nut (or cashew nut butter) snacks. What was most astonishing during that time was that I almost never craved chocolate anymore. (Which was a huuuge problem for me before; especially after a workout my body craved energy and chocolate was a quick, though unhealthy and short-term fix)

Day 8
Forgot my 100% food at home: after-workout-cravings turned into 300g of Chocolate. Boom. I called it a cheat day. On the one hand it showed me how powerful and helping 100% Food is, on the other hand I still went for the quick fix when I didn’t have it at hand.

Day 9-16
Most times I had 2 shakes a day, on a few days only 1. My normal schedule was:
Breakfast: greek yoghurt with chia seeds, goji berries, cashew nuts, cinnamon, blueberries, half a banana and half an apple
Lunch: 100% Food Double Protein
Afternoon Snack: 100% Food Double Protein or Low Carb
Dinner: Scrambled eggs with sweet potato, spinach, kale or wild rice with beans, feta cheese, avocado and a salat + smoothie
I once tested three shakes a day which left me a bit uneasy, it is still fullfilling but it feels a little bit weird not having eaten (or rather chewed) the whole day - but it’s an option for long days on the road when you can’t get anything healthy between your teeth. At the end of that period I realised, that I definitely got leaner, and lost some body fat.

Day 17
Cheat day on purpose.
300g of Chocolate, going to an Italian restaurant an eating all the pizza, antipasti and noodles smile

Day 18-34
Lots of hard workouts, often twice a day. Racing every weekend.
Always a bottle at hand - it can’t get any more convenient. I now feel like mixing it up though because one might get bored of the same taste over and over. So I experimented a little bit with adding it to smoothies and shakes. Well, it doesn’t mix with everything but I am getting better at it. Also making it for breakfast; one bottle of 100% food in a bowl with some blueberries, cinnamon and banana. Awesome.
Had no cheat days during that time; I feel like I am recovering WAY better than before (which could also be partly due to the fact that I now eat way more healthy protein and less carbs).

I found what I was looking for my athletic needs - I am ordering more! It just saves a lot of time and money - while you are (probably) eating healthier than ever.


  • it’s actually “chewy”, not just some dissolvable powder
  • you can taste the ingredients (real foods) which have a great taste (better than a lot of alternatives)
  • versatile: smoothie, shakes, breakfast, with water only,….
  • reduces cravings - no more sweets
  • easy to handle (you can easily toss the bottle in your gym bag and carry it around for a day; did this with “normal” shakers in the past and i ended in a protein-shake-catastrophe IN my bag)


  • I disliked the taste of low carb which was more artificial and “stale”
  • Double protein and low carb uses soy as a protein supply, which might not be optimal (estrogenic)
  • maybe the marketing as "space food” won’t appeal to everyone

What was your experience with Soylent?


I think the interest in 100%FOOD on this forum has declined since they now have their own forum: 100%FOOD Community Forum.


I never tried it since they did not deliver to Europe - so I looked for alternatives, among which 100% Food was my favourite.

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I tried 100%Food but was not a fan of the chewy seeds… But I did find the flavor ok and the packaging very convenient.

I’ll note I’ve had the same bizarre loss of chocolate cravings while on Soylent. I used to indulge every night and now almost zip. I do occasionally have a protein fortified chocolate Schmilk after a workout, but half the time (post workout) I just crave Soylent!


Interesting account of your experience though, thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing!

By the way, you might be interested in very detailed comparison:

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[quote=“GregH, post:5, topic:22700”]I’ll note I’ve had the same bizarre loss of chocolate cravings while on Soylent.

I’ve also seen this with DIY.

Good review, I agree with him on most points. He should really try mixing the two, I do a 50/50 blend and get the best of both. I get the nice even energy levels of soylent with the nice digestibility and bowel movements of 100% food. I like the taste better as well, soylent has a weird bland taste and 100% food tastes great but is a little on the sweet side so when you mix them you get a decent tasting drink thats slightly sweet.

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I do a 50/50 blend and get the best of both.

@Predator - should we release 50%FOOD option? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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