3D(3 Day) Formula


I’ve only been here about a week officially, here’s my formula. I need help with some main parts


I like the eco drink mix, it provides a lot of things. once I add in the extra stuff I’m missing I think this will be around 160-180 initial cost, but most ingredients last a lot longer, so the monthly cost will come from the eco drink packets 22-25 a month. After I get the other ingredients hammered out I’ll create a system that regulates when you should buy your next order of ingredients based on use/shelf life ect.
Here’s the link to the 3D Formula

*I think I’ve found my I think Xanthan Gum will cover my Fiber, my carbs will have to come from another source.


Hey, we don’t have permission to see the spreadsheet.


@Dylan Thanks! No wonder nothing had been going on, changed it. Wow that could have been worse, thanks for the heads up.


I’m having a little trouble deciphering it. Is the Serving (Day) column your totals? I’m just not sure what I’m looking at with things split up on multiple sheets. Sorry for the trouble.


@Dylan I fixed it, sorry hadn’t put it together on one sheet so I knew what I was getting from what. Its on one page now.