4 cases of version 1.0 for sale

Hey all,

I bought a lot of Soylent last year and have not used it all. I have 4 unopened cases that I’m happy to sell via eBay if someone expresses an interest here. Please make me a reasonable offer and I’m happy to post it for you. The contents have been sitting in a cool, dry space in my basement (near a de-humidifier) for the entire time.



Ah yes, the Violent Farts Edition.


Almost tempted since it is only version of Soylent I have never tasted, but nah.

I do get alot of gas from 1.0 but for the right price I might bite.

Predator - here is the eBay link for the Soylent 1.0 - thanks.

Unfortunately the shipping kills the deal. I’m in Canada but I live on the border so I can ship it to the states but it will still cost $12 in shipping. $52 plus $5 for the shipping depot which is $75 Cad plus $7 in bridge tolls would be $82. If the shipping was free it would have come to $66 and I would have went for it. Im going to try the biolent, $80 for the bioflex and it already comes with enough protein so It wont cost me extra to add more.