4 Ingredient, Milk Based Recipe that does the trick twice daily


I have been using this recipe for Breakfast and Dinner the past week, works very well, while not 100% nutritionally complete. http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/soydanlent-beta-021-the-halftime-lazy-mans-soylent-solution-see-notes

I am posting here to:

a) get any feedback for improvements
b) offer a cheap, easy and lazy solution for part of the diy soylent community

Supplement by treating yourself to a nice lunch. See notes for more info. Thanks guys.


Well, I appreciate your approach, but with that many Vitamins overdosed, you will greatly enhance(!) your cancer risk.

I did a DIY-Soylent based on “natural” ingredients (mainly milk) some months back which did not have this issue and which I have been using since then. Check this out, for some inspiration: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/recipe-for-the-lazy-based-on-normal-food/2212 .
(And of course for a short discussion of cool mathematics. :wink: )