4 year old trying soylent for the first time


Saw this on YouTube and thought it was pretty cute:

What is it in 1.4 that makes some gag?

Thanks for sharing this. I would bet if you let 100 toddlers try Soylent 1.4 close to all of them would have a similar reaction. You can clearly see her neutral to slightly positive reaction to the experience. Give her 20 years of sugar and fast food to destroy her sense of flavor and her reaction would be the same as the 1.4 “complainers”.


I don’t think that continually demonizing the 1.4 complainers is a good idea.

Log your opinions of v1.5 here

This is a divisive argument which I wasn’t going for when I posted the video. I was only sharing a video I found cute/interesting

Side bar: However, on the topic of anything that is divisive (just about any argument anyone has ever posited), I would implore anyone to watch this video in its entirety (about 7 minutes), which completely changed my thinking on the whole subject of divisive arguments. Just about anything that I thought was worth arguing for/against was affected by it.


What is the basis for Soylent nutritional ration? Young adult(18-22yrs) or medieval age(35-52yrs)?


Others can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it is just based on a 2,000 calorie diet. (At least at this point–it could change in the future.)

So, it depends on if the age/sex/weight/activity level/etc. of the person warrants a 2,000 calorie diet or not.

See http://bmr.soylent.me to calculate your own calorie requirements.


My daughter tried my People Chow variant DIY and liked it. She wanted more. She liked Soylent 1.0-1.3 and as far as I can tell likes Soylent 1.4 the same. I don’t give her much because my wife isn’t sold on the whole liquid food thing. I am 100% sure that it is better than the crap food most children are fed. She is 4 years old now. Maybe when she gets older I will start letting her have it as a part of her normal diet.


I did watch the video in its entirety and didn’t find it that interesting.


No. Because the complaints that I have seen about 1.4 have had nothing to do with it needing to be sweeter. Stop attacking everyone who doesn’t share your sensibilities about the product.


Lol, its ok. He is entitled to his opinion.

Obviously, the overarching point is the video was just a sidenote, not needing a response. The main point was that the video of the little girl above was not meant to be contentious. It is just meant to be a nice, cute video, with no argument. Some people like to argue no matter what.


You are much calmer and have a much more level head than me. To me, he was just being an asshole. There is no reason to respond like that and be such a tool.


It’s ok. I have heard worse. He might just have had a bad day.


I don’t think that taking a suggestion to watch a video in its entirety and then briefly expressing my opinion is all that bad.


I didn’t think it was that big of a deal either.


His main point was about how its not that cool to argue. He posted a very thought provoking video (viewed. responded to, and favorited millions of times) which pretty much showed how fruitless and pointless it was to argue and you posted a response that was dismissive and argumentative. (As well as being a response to the very part of the post that didn’t require a response.)

PS…Can we get back on topic here? Jesus.


Ok, guys. No need to fight. There was really no need for a discussion of anything beyond the video of the girl above. You guys can start another thread if you like to argue about arguing.


Sorry to derail. Obviously there was some egging on occurring. :stuck_out_tongue:

To get back on topic, I think that 4 year olds should definitely be introduced to Soylent. The younger the better!


Listen I"m sorry that 1.4 isn’t working for you. I hope they modify whatever it is that turns you off to 1.4.


You keep attacking me, and then complain that we are off topic?? Geeze, indeed. Note that I have kept my replies very concise and have not resorted to calling you names in response.


I wonder if you would feel impelled to answer if someone called you an asshole a few times.