$40 bounty offered ;)

TLDR: Write a review and you could win $40

When I made EatComplete I really wanted to centralise news, reviews and information for all the various Complete Foods on the market and bring customer opinions in as well to help people make informed choices on the brands they might want to try.

The info is in there, as is the news, and whilst reviews are happening I really want to encourage more people to write about their experiences and kickstart some sharing, so I thought a little competition would be good…

For the next 30 days (until September 14th) I’m offering a $40 bounty.

Rules are simple,

  1. Head over to EatComplete and register for an account.
  2. Use the search page to find products you’ve tried and write a review
  3. One product review = one entry (two products reviewed = two entries, three = three, etc etc).

On September 15th all of the reviews will be put in a virtual hat and we’ll select and announce the winner and then get an Amazon voucher paid for and sent over to them.


  1. Prize will be an Amazon voucher to the value of $40
  2. Competition closes 14th September
  3. Competition is open to all; but please don’t review products you are personally linked to (employed by for example) or untruthfully mark down those made by competitors.
  4. Winner to be chosen via random.org with video of selection so it’s all nice and transparent.

When you hit submit the page will reload with your review at the top and an URL ending with something like /#comment-152 in the address bar, would be awesome if you shared that URL here as a reply :slight_smile:


Added term for transparency/fairneas

Winner to be chosen via random.org with video of selection.

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Sounds good. I’ve only tried three flavors of 2.0 but I’ll be happy to write reviews of them.


Sigh, not going down as well as I thought it might. Thought $40 mini prize would be good as it’s 12 bottles of free soylent.

Thoughts? What’ll it take to get you to leave a review? :wink:

Checking it out now. It’d be nice if we could leave reveiws for each flavor. I don’t know how to rate soylent drink if Original and Nectar are in the same slot, becuase I really am not a fan of Nectar. And I can write that in the review, but how would I rate it?

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I did think about that, but in the end went with per product. Some of the brands have a lot of flavours so there’d be a lot of duplication. I’ll see if I can come up with something that lets flavour get taken more into account.

Cool! I wrote some reviews for the ones I’ve tried. :slight_smile: I hope this can help kickstart reviews on your website!








Side note: I noticed your URL for Jimmy Joy Vegan includes “joylent”… I’m sure it would make the Jimmy joy folks happy if you changed it to their new name. :stuck_out_tongue: They censor “joylent” on their own forum, no joke.

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Ha, I keep meaning to update that but I need to put a redirect in first and keep forgetting. Thanks for the reminder!

edit: Done :slight_smile:

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