40 Years of Federal Nutrition Research Fatally Flawed


Just saw this on Reddit’s /r/science, thought people here might be interested:

** 40 Years of Federal Nutrition Research Fatally Flawed**

Four decades of nutrition research funded by the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) may be invalid because the method used to
collect the data was seriously flawed, according to a new study by the
Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina.

link to the research paper is at the end of that article.


The title is slightly misleading. It is 1 study over the span of 40 years. That one particular study’s method of data collection was flawed, which invalidated all 40 years of work.

It makes sense though - how would they think self-reporting was reliable?


Not really when you consider how much of the current data may be based on that one study. Any truthfully, MANY nutritional/health studies have been done using self-report data. It’s ridiculous.


It’s certainly good to know - anything citing NHANES should be put under the microscope. But I went into that thinking the point was that all federal nutrition research for the last 40 years was wrong because of something new. They wouldn’t be the first to try to dramatize a headline.