400 grams of carbs?!


I think the last time I checked it was either 200 or 250, now the “Whats in Soylent” page says 400 grams of carbs…


Is this really appropriate for non-athletes? That is a lot of carbs. I’m not some keto/low-carb evangelist or anything but 400 grams seems excessive unless you are really active. Isn’t the RDA for a 2,000 calorie diet around 250?

What gives?


Just guessing here, but I believe the recipe given there is no longer current, and was formulated specifically for Rob, who does/did in fact exercise heavily.


This is quite true. Rob was regularly running 5K and lifting at the time that post was written back in February—though it’s worth pointing out that a 400g carb / 80g Protein / 65g Fat split only totals up to 2500 calories daily and is perfectly normal for an active adult male.


Okay thanks for clearing this up for me!


I’d say most DIYers are using way less carbs. I’m using about 225 g.


It is a lot, but on the flip side if you read “Racing Weight” and are any kind of distance athlete you can easily be above 700 carbs following his advice :slight_smile: