400 kcal makes me very hungry still

I’m a tiny woman so I can’t really eat more than 1400 kcal per day (and even less if I don’t move much). I love Coffiest for breakfast, but I find myself being really hungry after 1-2 hours after (sometimes sooner). Not like, “Mmm, lunch soon” but more like “OMFG I’M HANGRY AND ABOUT TO FAINT - GIVE ME A ZEBRA TO DEVOUR” hungry. Aka, I’m not satisfied.

Sure, I’m on day 2 of Soylent Bottles so it might be a transition period? I’m assuming that my belly will shrink and not need as much ‘solid’ food? If I ate 400 kcal worthy of ‘regular’ food, I’d be full for a good 3-4 hours because I find that eating more thick, solid food makes me feel satiated longer (duh).

I used to make my own coffee smoothies, and made them thick. Adding bananas, cocoa powder, instant coffee and soy milk, and adding some chia seeds for thickening. They filled me up but were only about 200 kcal.

Is there a way to thicken the contents in Coffiest without ruining it or adding calories? Cause I can’t just drink another bottle and eat 800 kcal for breakfast - that means I only have 400 - 600 kcal to eat for the rest of the day and I’ll most likely just get fat AF.


I noticed the same thing when I tried Coffiest and replaced my breakfast with it. It took a few days for my body to get used to it, and now the Coffiest fills me up for awhile, 7:30AM~12PM till I eat lunch. I would give it some more time and see if you adjust to it.

EDIT Forgot to add I’m a fairly big guy, 6’3 240lbs.


This might just be a bulk issue. Solid food takes up more room than Soylent (and possibly takes longer to digest). You can try adding a fiber supplement to it or a thickener like xanthan gum. You wouldn’t need very much of either and they wouldn’t add very many calories if any.


Thanks! This gives me hope!

I’m currently pushing through it - had my coffiest at 10am and it’s now 2pm and I’m sipping some regular soylent (but taking it very slow).

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Similar experience as FunkyChickenDJ. At first, 400KCal of Soylent (not coffiest) would make me really hungry, really soon after. I had it for breakfast and lunch, could barely make it to lunch, could not make it to dinner without snacking. But after a week it became OK. Something in my body got used to it, so now I feel fine going to lunch, and I get a little bit hungry an hour before dinner, but that’s it. And that’s OK, being hungry at dinner time just makes it taste better. :slight_smile:


I bring 2.0 to work in a Thermos. I drink one and a half bottles in the morning and then bring the same in the Thermos for lunch. It helped (I used to just drink one before work and one for lunch) because I was getting very hungry around 3:30 - 4pm and don’t get home till 5:30-6pm.

Maybe you could do something similar. Without increasing the total calories you could try shifting more to breakfast and less later in the day.

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I am a 275 lb man and I have coffiest for breakfast and am fine until lunchtime. It takes a while for your body to get used to less volume but you can.


Yep, it can be a transition period. There’s also a difference between feeling full and being satiated. Most people come into Soylent (myself included) equating them with each other when they’re really 2 different things.

Something I used to do when I used the powder was to add some psyllium husk powder. Dunno how easy/well it would mix with 2.0, but you get the idea; others have posted decent options already, too.



Could you do a coffee smoothie and a Coffiest for breakfast, then a Soylent for lunch, and a Soylent for dinner?

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I found that I could consume more in the morning and the fullness lasted me the rest of the day. So I would try the 800 calories for breakfast and see how they work.

Also, I find the powdered Soylent more filling.


I agree with @geneven. I get hungrier faster in the morning so I drink more in the morning. I don’t seem to get as hungry at night and would sometimes forget to drink the 5th bottle. Currently I drink 2000kcal of 1.7 broken into 3 servings. I started out breaking into equal intervals, but started shrinking the morning interval and liked it more. Everybody is different, try a different things.


I’ll pile on, give your body a few days to adjust, these days I can have one bottle around 10am and another at 2pm and be good all day, but it took a few days to adjust to that.

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Zebra the animal or zebra cakes?


I noticed that if I drink it more slowly, over 10~15 minutes, it keeps me more full. I don’t know if it’s a placebo or if it actually affects it, but it seems to work for me. Good luck!:slight_smile:

Oh — now you’re on all or mostly-Soylent, do you know if you’re eating less calories than you used to?

Or is it about the same number of calories, but you’re feeling hungrier than you did on your previous diet?

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I’d say give it some time for your body to adjust. I’ve found the other thing that helps is drinking it slowly over a few hours.

When I drink it all at once it fills my stomach quickly but then digests pretty quickly leaving me feeling empty and hungry. When I drink it slowly (I’ll usually drink a third, wait an hour, drink another third, then wait and hour and finish it) I find it has me feeling satiated longer


I’ve been on a 50-75% Soylent diet for about 2-3 years and I still get hungry about two hours after consuming a bottle. I’m about 5’9, 165 Lbs guy with a very low activity level haha

I usually only drink about 3-4 per day since I tend to eat other solid foods and try not to calorie load since I don’t really do much all day.

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About the same, but I feel hungrier and less energy when its time for second meal. Like, instead of feeling a slight “Oh, I’m hungry” I feel like I’m about to faint. :frowning:


Ok, thanks for all the input guys and I have been trying to be patient with it.

So, here’s what it feels like now after about 2 weeks experimenting with it, and what I’m doing:

  • Wake up at 8am, drink a coffiest.
    Thoughts: This never makes me feel full or satisfied but I power through until 10am, and have an apple.
  • Lunch 12pm, I’m normally starving at this point and if I’m out and about, walking around and moving and not just sitting at the desk, I will start to actually feel fainty and very very low on energy.
  • After a regular lunch of 200-300 kcal (not soylent) I’m fine for quite a while, like til about 6-7pm when I eat a regular dinner of about 500kcal. If I need more kcal to maintain a healthy calorie day count, I plow down a few sips of an original soylent bottle.

The problem here is that sometimes, I won’t be able to have lunch at 12pm because my schedule is ridiculous.

I’ve experimented with drinking another Soylent for lunch, aka reaching almost two thirds of my daily calorie intake and that doesn’t help. After 2-3 hours I feel absolutely miserable.

Also, I’m noticing headaches but I don’t 100% know if this is related to Soylent since I’m also eating 75mg Spironlactone for the past 5 months. (Btw, maybe that medicine is messing with my Soylent intake since it’s diuretic?)

I don’t wanna come off as negative. This is surprisingly emotional and personal to me as well, haha! I feel a heavy “what the f is wrong with me and my body” and get really sad about it. I wanna feel amazing after a nutritionally perfect breakfast of 400 kcal that lasts me to lunchtime, without making me feel like I’m about to die, but instead it ruins the first half of my day. :frowning:


I can understand wanting that, although I think “feeling amazing” might be a bit unrealistic — it is just food. If we want to feel amazing, we should probably all club together and obtain a regular supply of morphine or something.

Is that based on a calorie calculator, or past health outcomes you’ve measured on yourself?