400 lb 65 y/o Type II Diabetic & life long food addict, Soylent effects Miraculous


Thank you all very much


How are you doing? Are you back on track?


mtandy this thread is the only reason I visit the soylent forums anymore. I am rooting for you.


I kept telling myself I’d start Soylent tomorrow so I’ll have a good dinner today, because I know starting Soylent starts a chain of events (2 baked chicken thighs or 2 fish fillets with steamed broccoli or mixed vegtables enabling the switch from a carbohydrate metabolism to a fat metabolism which for me is 2 weeks of hell). Soooo the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months and I’d continue living in my fantasy one day at a time…that is until these people these strangers who cared enough about a fellow human being to post a supportive comment. Several people have done this AND IT GOT TO ME. I couldn’t ignore it. IT HAUNTED ME. Therefore 3 days ago I took a pkg of Soylent out of the box and put it on the counter. The next day I made my DIY Soylent per my nutritionist’s instructions and last night with the voice SCREAMING in my head for a sausage and mushroom pizza with double cheese I drank a portion of Soylent instead of a meal AND I FELT GOOD ABOUT IT. I can’t make promises about the future because even with the best intentions they’re worthless. I can only state what I have already done. And a heart felt thank you!


I replied to your post.


I just replied to your post.


A foot in the right direction. Keep it up, we believe in you!


So happy to read this.


That’s what we should all do. Check the calendar. See what day it is. That’s the day to worry about.

One at a time.

(And welcome back!)


Mtandy, yes! So glad to hear you’re back! You can do it!!

A few thoughts, take them or leave them:

A book called The Willpower Instinct by Kelly Mcgonigal has been tremendously useful to me in my own efforts to make improvements in my life.

Another book, Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin has been a fascinating and very helpful dive into habits and how to change them.

Maybe you’ve read them, but if not I highly recommend them because they are working for me.

I realize I’m a data point of one but hey if it helps someone else I’m glad :blush:

You’re an inspiration, keep going! :muscle::+1:


It’s been a day MTandy. How are you feeling? Think you can do another day?


Way to go man! You have many more fans and believers than you even realize! I started this journey because of YOU! All we can ask for is one day at a time, my friend!


I understand what you are going through. Food has become an addiction for me in many ways and I have to avoid it entirely to overcome it. I imagine this is what alcoholics go through when they see other people drinking. I can survive mos of the day on soylent, but then at night I give in. I guess my plan is to take it one day at a time. If I can bust over the hump of avoiding the night binge (which is usually on milk, cereal, crackers, cheese, candy that we have around the house), I think I can do it.


That’s when I’ve started having my Soylent. I’m trying make it a habit again. My idea is once it’s a habit again I can then expand it. Good luck to you.


August 16, 2017 398 lbs Doing Soylent for second meal ever other day for about 2 weeks now. Trying to reestablish a habit as a base and then grow from there. It’s a mental fight every night but what seems to “tip the cart” in the direction of Soylent is the positive support I’ve received from this group.


i look forward to your posts, ive gone 95% soylent this last month and a half and lost 16lbs, recently started the c25k program and the zen labs challenges apps, i check on here daily to see everyones progress


Congratulations! One day at a time I wish you continued success.



Any new updates? I fell off but am back on again as of September 1 and working towards my goals!


When things are going well I usually post on the 16th of the month. Thanks


Well we look forward to hearing from you then!