400 lb 65 y/o Type II Diabetic & life long food addict, Soylent effects Miraculous


Glad to see the update!

Keep focused and you WILL lose the weight!


Appreciate the feedback thank you.


I hate to offer advice in a thread like this (I know you’ve probably heard it all before), but this one was new to me, although I’d been doing for a long time and never seen it made explicit, and I do find it helpful.

It’s the subject of this TED talk


December 13, 2017 Wednesday 397.4 lbs


Weigh in time, chip chop chip!
(…chip chop chip? I don’t even know what chip chop chip is supposed to mean…)

Anyway, like I said a while back, we still want to know what’s up. And telling people where you’re at keeps it front and center!

Chip chop chip! :slight_smile:



if you dont mind could you tell me your current diet.


One meal around 4- 4:30. A snack when I take my evening meds around 10:30 pm.
(Snack = sandwich and chips OR dessert OR 500 ml Soylent. I do not eat between meals.) I find it difficult to eat until after I’ve been up for 3- 4 hrs.


January 18, 2018 Thursday.395.8 lb 1.6 lb loss.


Just popped in to see if you’re still here, trying. I’m glad to see you are.

I don’t have anything else to say, really, but I wanted to say it.

Keep trying.


Looking forward to your post this Friday… I think I need to join in on the journaling myself to give myself accountability…


Feb 16, 2018 399.0 3.2 lb gain


keep fighting the good fight!

I might start using my recipe for a salad as my new soylent… need to see what it costs…


I didn’t “like” for the gain.

I liked for coming here and reporting in.

I’m at 230.4 today, which is a peak for the week. I’m going to start getting aggressive to lose some of this weight - I’ve let myself go since my back injury two years ago, and it’s time to start the rebound.


The winners keep trying.


We are in your corner,


Mtandy, I’ve been reading your thread and I am rooting for you. I am sorry about your setback but losing weight and keeping it off is never easy. I might have missed it, but have you excercised? If you only concentrate on diet you will gain weight back. Building muscle is necessary to help burn calories. The holy trinity of weight loss is diet, excercise, and a full night of restful sleep. How is your sleep? No matter the diet and excercise if you aren’t sleeping right you will gain weight. Anyways, if you haven’t done so, make sure you are working out and sleeping right. Take care and keep fighting.


I use a CPAP so I sleep ok. Any type of activity tires me quickly. I’m seeing my cardiologist next week and will go over latest tests and dicuss exercise at that time. Thank you.


I have always had problems with exercise. Not only staying motivated but also just doing it without becoming exhausted and almost no or little exults. Last year I started working with a trainer 3x week. 2actually. They did a full evaluation before our first work out ncluding BMI BMR weight and so many measurements. At each session they ask about what I’ve been doing since the last session what I have planned for that day and if I’m having any pain or problems. They also ask about my recovery from our last session. I haven’t lost a lot of weight but I have lost fat gained , muscle and improved energy. I took a transatlantic cruise and not only didn’t gain weight I actually lost 2lbs. And I enjoyed the food.
It’s not cheap but worth every penny. I’m going to a small gym that focuses on clients over 40. Most of the trainers are masters level sciences biology chemistry physiology. There are alternatives to big box gyms that are really focused on class ent wellbeing.
I too will have cho what others have sad. Keep working at it. We are all here for you. :hugs:


I appreciate your kind thoughts thank you.


Feb 16, 2018 399 lb no change.