400 lb 65 y/o Type II Diabetic & life long food addict, Soylent effects Miraculous


No change is certainly better than a gain…


Overdue to check in, @mtandy

I only got down to about 228 in March (not counting weight during a brief fast). So, very little progress.

Then, this month, I’ve been lifting weights again with a friend who was finally healthy enough to start hitting the gym… and I’ve gained some weight, coming back up to 231.2 today.

It’s possible that I’ve regained a little muscle mass, and I’ve probably gained some weight from storing more sugar in my muscles, but I’m afraid I also regained some fat. When I’m working out, I have more of an appetite, and it’s easier to rationalize eating more things than I should… so I’m fairly sure that I’ve also regained some fat. Checking in here reminds me I have to get a handle on that.

How are you doing?


One at a time I keep postponing starting Soylent and then tomorrow never comes.


Yeah, it’s hard… How about tomorrow?


Have you considered giving the bottles a try if you haven’t already? They cost more, but they are much easier to pick up and drink when you’re hungry then having to basically meal prep your Soylent. If you can’t keep up the cost of using 2.0 consider using it for a month as a tool to get you started on Soylent again.


Always good to hear from you. I’ve learned from your posts that you are a very detailed person, I’m the same way. As per my nutritionist’s instructions I add a measured amount of extra fiber & protein to the powdered Soylent AND there are 3 boxes on the dryer that I must finish before August. Thank you again for your suggestion.


April 2, 2018 396 lb a loss of 3lbs. (can’t honestly say how). Tomorrow have appointment with Nutritionist.


May 16, 2018 394.6 lb a loss of 1.4 lbs. (glad to see it)


Just started reading all of this today and spent a good hour going through the comments! Way to go on staying dedicated and returning after your slides. We all have slides, but it takes courage to admit to it and pick yourself back up! I am eagerly awaiting to hear your next update :slight_smile: Going to be following this thread and cheering you on <3


Thank you. You are very kind.


Hey bud keep hanging on there. Looking forward to the new you.


Eagerly awaiting an update <3


Historically _I post around the 16th of the month. Thank you.


Jun 16, 2018 388.4 lb a loss of 7.6 lbs. Have been having Soylent as last meal the day. (usually) Have been trying to establish good habits again. Am pleased about weight loss. I’ll never give up.



You’ve done better than I have…


Today: 230.8. Loss of .4 pounds.


I know the anguish. I’m with you.


Congrats! I can’t wait to get back on a Soylent kick. I’ve got a lot going on personally right now and just can’t do it. But I hope I will be able to in the next few weeks. I haven’t looked at the scale in months, and I’m sure I’ve gained some back. I’m a little afraid to look but one way or another I know I can keep going. I hope you feel the same!


Found this in the digest… It’s been a month since it was updated last, and the response page is nagging me about thread necromancy. Really. YES I WANT TO CONTINUE THE ONGOING THREAD.

So, in May I was working (for a whole month) as a videogame tester and I was eating ordinary food no more than once a day, keeping the majority of my calories inside a 12 hour period (because I take insulin every 12 hours and I have to eat a small meal afterwards to keep from having lows) and while I wasn’t really losing weight, my blood sugars started to drop to the below-70 in the morning, and I actually had to reduce the overnight insulin. Which is wonderful. But living on my soylent-alternative was pretty easy to do. I hope to return to that same process when I get the chance.

Meanwhile, though, I’ve tried to keep to much lower calories through the simple act of eating smaller meals and only eating twice a day with a single snack when I take the second insulin, and it works. I do have to take the insulin though… I ran out for two days and it messed me up. Not as bad as it would have if I didn’t know how to eat no-carb but still more than it should have.

But yes … the simplicity of having all the foodlike stuff easily prepped, not having to think about food, was so much better.


Good luck to you. Foomf


Jul 26, 2018 391.2 a gain of 2.8 lbs