400 lb 65 y/o Type II Diabetic & life long food addict, Soylent effects Miraculous


I still read this thread - to the OP I hope you are doing the best you can do - we all root for you!

When I first found Soylent it was amazeballz. Give me nutrition! I’m bad at the math so eating the nutrition in a serving of Soylent and eating THIS many times a day I didn’t need to worry about anything else.

This worked for me, for about a year - close to two. I lost 60 pounds. 24% of my weight.

Then the cravings came. I binged, I hated myself, I negotiated with myself - it was like the stages of death… and I lost… no I gained, I gained it all back.

Life is busy and grabbing Soylent was easy. Just like fast food. A bottle of this instead the dollar menus of that - and I could keep track. I was better than the other person that chose the dollar menu because I was consuming complete nutrition

Soylent is not a cure and it was never designed to be. This was a hard lesson to learn, understand, and comprehend.

Soylent is for when you, a person - with all the other alternatives - doesn’t have the time, patience, availability, of a meal that fits within your own nutritional guidelines you set for yourself.

Soylent is great, I still eat it to this day - but it seems like a lot of people are searching for a cure… a cure for maybe hunger, maybe nutrition, maybe image, general weight.

Soylent is a tool, use the tool, use it smart, use it for your own personal needs.


Thank you VERY wise words.


What’s the latest, @mtandy?


When I weighed this month it was on a different scale. For consistency I use the data. I’ll see what it is around the 16th of this month. Thank you for asking.


I agree that soylent isn’t a cure, that it’s a tool. I thought it was a cure for a while at first and actually ended up binging on the soylent. (Sounds crazy I know.) Now I just use it maybe once or twice a month if I am in a super hurry and need to speed off to somewhere. Thank you for sharing your experience :slight_smile:


Sept. 18, 2018 Tuesday 391.4 lb.
A .2 lb gain in 2 months is realistically equivocal (but not acceptable).