400 lb 65 y/o Type II Diabetic & life long food addict, Soylent effects Miraculous


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One Day At A Time




Day 11 Switching to 2000 cal spread out over the course of a day has played havoc with with my glucose values. Consequently it’s been a VERY difficult ride medically, physically and mentally. Part of the issue is the insulin. I was having high levels of glucose at throughout the day but then too low during the night. So starting today I’m taking 1250 cal of Soylent plus 1 scoop (120cal) of a protein supplement and my quick acting insulin. Then at HS (hour of sleep) 250 cal of Soylent plus my long acting insulin. Hopefully the extra protein will stave off the hunger. Have to find a mix of Soylent, insulin, hunger that I can live with for the longer term. Have been experiencing muscle cramping, legs, abdomen now arms.
To be continued…


I guess you’re playing with what levels of Soylent you can handle without your glucose going adverse. The extra protein should let you use less Soylent, and less Soylent should mean less glucose response… And as the weight comes off, you’ll still be able to get off the meds, but it will probably be a lot more gradual than in the first week or two.

The cramping may be related to electrolytes and hydration - on the reduced diet, you get less sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and deficits can arise… Are you making sure to get plenty of water, too? It’s easy to forgot how much water you usually get from foods. (That has kicked my butt more than once while fasting; if you feel really lethargic, it may be dehydration sneaking up on you.)


In case anyone is curious, here is the fasting supplement mix I use while fasting:

It’s mostly about electrolytes. I have the ingredients because I DIY, but if you’re experimenting with very low levels of Soylent, then my fasting recipe could be a source for ingredients you might use to bring your electrolytes up to more normal levels - these and water will will help limit fatigue, cramping, etc.


Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated.
I’ve just placed an order to receive my first shipment of Soylent (Canada) and can’t wait to try it.

My mom is a diabetic (no clue what type, she has a small pouch to test her levels regularly) and she would be curious to try it as well.
She would not go 100% Soylent, ever. But if she does switch one meal a day and it helps in any way, that would be great.

I’m gonna follow this thread closely in the hope you find stability and that we can all learn from your experience.

Thanks again !


Day 13 Mon. I switched a couple of days ago to using 21/2 servings (500cal+500cal+250cal Soylent+120 cal (1 scoop) protein supplement) at around 1630 (4:30pm) preceded by an adjusted dose of my fast acting insulin and 1/2 serving(250cal) of Soylent around 2130 (9:30 pm) followed by an adjusted dose of my long acting insulin. So far morning glucose (blood sugar) readings have been 82mg/dl and 77mg/dl while HS (hour of sleep) readings have been 125mg/dl and 125mg/dl. This is a little better than what I was getting before Soylent with “regular food”. This regimen of Soylent is MUCH more tolerable for me medically, physically and mentally. To be continued…


MentalNomad, thank you once again. I have reviewed and bookmarked the electroyle supplement info. I’ll see how I do with my current regimen for awhile. I started Soylent to loose weight AND save money (living off social security is not easy). I’m already spending an extra $58 (hopefully once every 2 months) for the protein supplement and now to add on another approx $100 for the electrolytes (if my calc were correct, once every 2 months) would put me close to where I started from (with regular delicious tasty food) and I still need to eat regular food once every 8 days as it is (no complaints about that though) so I need to think about this for awhile. Again thanks.


No multivitamin? 


Sure as mentioned in my 1st post.


I was responding to MentalNomad.
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I debate that one a lot… there’s not enough research to tell me if it’s better to take vitamin supplements or not, when trying to put the body in the state it takes when there’s no food…

For example, there are clear effects when fasting from protein (which rely on autophagy, the body scavenging itself for protein). Does autophagy work as well when you take vitamins? Or are other scavenging processes impeded? In the natural state, you get no nourishment during a fast. And all the studies on fasting are done with real fasts; I don’t see mention of multivitamin supplements.

I also normally normally take other supplements, like resveratrol… but, based on the function/effects, I’ve concluded the best bet is to stop the resveratrol while fasting, and to take it again when refeeding (until research or understanding of the mechanisms shows otherwise). (Resveratrol tends to stimulate the production of new mitochondria; during the fast, I want the old ones to be broken down.)

For my multis, I hope I’m erring on the side of caution and not including them while fasting, since vitamins are generally more involved with building things than breaking them down, and I’d rather be more complete with the fast, which is definitely a breakdown cycle. The electrolytes are a minimalist approach to smooth out some of the inevitable side effects of going without food for a couple of days, especially since I remain active, sweat up a storm, etc.


I think your numbers have skewed somewhere, maybe a misplaced decimal. As an avid DIYer I don’t spend anywhere near $50/month on electrolytes, and I’m buying all of them, where I expect you’ll be getting a fair bit from the Soylent you’re already eating.

In fact… lemme just crunch some numbers here… it looks like I’m spending… for sodium/chloride at .03, potassium at .22, calcium at .05, magnesium at .01… so about $0.31/day, or $9.30/month. Again, that’s all of them from scratch (basically, some of my other ingredients may come with a smidgen), so you should be spending just a fraction of that to supplement your already bountiful Soylent.


You’re right. When I went the link MentalNomad supplied, & clicked on “add to cart” on Amazon it was around $76.


Thanks for the info. I assume you mix this yourself. That said do you mix it each time you want to use it or do it a week or month ahead of time? If ahead of time how do you keep the mixture uniform without certain components setting to the bottom?


Well, I only fast for three days… during which I have no food. This means I need to get ALL my electrolytes from it, but means I only need it about once a month.

I usually end up weighing the stuff out for 1.5 days, by using multiple plastic shakers. Each shaker has dry ingredients. Twice a day, I fill one up with water and then guzzle it. After a day and a half, repeat. After three days, I’m back on foods.

I used to play with making one big container of minerals mixed with water, and just adding the fiber as I drink it, but some minerals don’t dissolve in water… they really need stomach acids and other digestive processes. And that sludge would settle. So now I just mix per batch.

I think you can do ok making a dry pre-mix and learning to dose it out per day, or half day… if you make enough for five days, and it weighs, say, 40 grams (random number), you can weight out doses of 4 grams each, twice a day, for five days - ten doses total. I find that if you put the blended powder in a shakable container you can easily re-mix it, and settling doesn’t appear to be an issue… if the mix is slightly rich on something in day one, it’ll be compensated on the last day… but it appears to be pretty much the same.

I used to worry a lot about settling in my soylent DIY, but I’ve found that concern to be unfounded, and the same is true for the electrolyte mix. The only real gotcha is making it too dense with fiber and then not enough water and letting it gel up. Ugh.

What have you done to yourself? (Self-experimentation)

Sorry if this is OT… What prompted you to experiment with fasting? How long have you been experimenting? Have you seen the results you were expecting? I see a lot of stuff on the interwebs of folks trying Keto but not much on multi day fasting (although I’m probably not looking in the right places). Have you played with Keto? Both fasting and Keto seem like fairly aggressive body hacking experiments… I’m only skimming the surface of this stuff but am really interested in the latest science behind all of it.
P.S. Hopefully this is not related to chemo… a previous post mentioned health and longevity? I’ve heard some theorize that caloric restriction for longevity might be accomplished with carb restriction…

What have you done to yourself? (Self-experimentation)

Thank you once again

Official Weight Loss Thread

Well the first week was really REALLY rough. physically and MENTALLY.
The 2nd week was difficult. again physically and MENTALLY.
The 3rd week was a BIG difference. I am now on a fat metabolism.
My VA Dr didn’t feel she could comment on Soylent so she set me up with a nutritionist who read about it on the web going into not only the “nutrition panel” but the sources of the ingredients as well. Her verdict? “It’s PERFECT”!!! She said at my size and weight I need 120 grams/day of protein. She also suggested I increase the fiber a little (4 measured tsp of KONSYL original formula 5 gm/tsp of Dietary Fiber PER pouch of Soylent. Walmart sells this stuff. Previously my Gastroenterologist recommended this product. (Metamucil only has 3.5 grams)
So to pump up the protein I use 1 Soylent scoop of OP (Optimal Nutrition Gold Standard Whey powder) and 2 boneless skinless chicken tenderloins 1 1/2" tapering down to 1/4" (4" long) using a trick from Overeaters Anonymous I smear a little mayo on both sides and cook for 20 min @ 4oo degrees on a countertop digital oven. She also said it was ok to eat a package of NON starchy veg. I get the pkg of veg from Sam’s Club 4 lb $5.99 and eat a pkg a day with "I can’t belive it’s not butter " the spray. ZERO calories!!! The veg are 30 cal (but I eat the 16 oz bag so that’s 157 cal. The 2 chicken tenderloins are 99 cal each and have 20 grams of protein. gives me 92 grams of protein/day and next Wed I’ll go to Sam’s Club and get the Whey powder they sell which has 30 grams per scoop of protein.Then I’ll be up to 120grams /day. So this way one pouch of Soylent lasts me 2 days (living on Social Security that’s important). I do this for 7 days and on the 8th day I eat regular food. WHATEVER I want.!!! This is CRITICAL to me doing this regime for the long term. Then I start all over again.


30 days of Soylent completed.

I LOST 21lbs!!! (portion of which is water weight)

Without exercising, which I plan to do when I get lower.

I can take a shower without periodically stopping due to getting out of breath.

I can reach my feet to wash without a long brush. Yippppppppeeeeeee.

I can walk (for short distances) without my walker!!!

Bless Rob Rhinehart.

and thanks to Mentalnomad.