400 lb 65 y/o Type II Diabetic & life long food addict, Soylent effects Miraculous


Aug 7, 2015 Created Excel spread sheet which calculates…
Total Protein grams per day, per ingredient and per Soylent serving (with extra protein powder and chicken),

Total Fiber grams per day per ingredient and per Soylent serving (with extra fiber powder),

Total Calories per day per ingredient and per Soylent serving (with extra protein powder, fiber powder and chicken),

Total Cost per day per ingredient and per Soylent serving (with extra protein powder, fiber powder and chicken),



In case you weren’t aware, there is this tool: https://diy.soylent.com/

It’s geared around making a DIY soylent recipe, but you can probably also easily use it to map out an arbitrary ongoing diet.


thanks I’ll check it out


August 17th Monday. “Weigh Day” 365. Lost 11lbs (was hoping for 30) so in 60 days I’ve lost 32 lbs total. (218 lbs to go). THANKS Rob Rhinehart. To be continued…


Tagging @rob and @conor regarding the requests for an “info packet” for doctors.


Congrats! Over half a pound a day is something to be proud of in my opinion.

Though, maybe it is just because I have a wide frame, but 148lbs seems like a underweight target to me.


I’ll bring this up to Rob and the dev team. Thank you for the feedback.


Actually at 5’ 10" 160 lbs is the goal.


BMI doesn’t really work for me (and many others). I’m only 5’ 6" and at look “skinny” around mid-170’s.


This thread is great, thanks for starting it.


Hold on a minute, what is that based on?


5’10" and 160 lbs is a BMI of 23, in the healthy range of 18-24, which you can see in any BMI chart.

BMI is not a perfect system, but it’s decent for rough guidelines for normal people. BMI calcs give falsely “overweight” readings for people with a lot of lean mass - like athletes - but they’re usable enough for most of the regular population.


Reason I was asking him this is because he is under the direct care of a physician and I was curious as to whether that value came from some BMI calculation or chart, or from the physician. @mtandy, would you mind letting us know?

For example, for me to be at a 24 BMI which is right under the obese category on those charts at my height of 6’3", I should weigh 190 lbs. I had a bone and lean muscle density test done a few years back and that was 189 or so. That means no skin, fat, organs or other tissue were part of that weight. I am not a body builder or extremely muscular, so just going off of BMI charts is not a good idea like you say.


I attended the Naval School of Health Sciences 1978. During A & P (anatomy & physiology) they talked about “reference man” a 5’ 10" 160 lb man in a particular anatomical position as a reference to learn about the body. Since I’m 5’ 10 1/2" by coincidence, I used that as my reference weight.


I’m curious what your weight was at the time, and what method was used for the lean mass assessment.


Had to say THANKS AGAIN to MentalNomad your guidance (as well as some others) has become invaluable in building the foundation of my Soylent regimen. Although it’s pretty “automatic” at this point, I’ve found myself fasting (water only) the following day of eating “regular” food (due to the quantities that I eat). This evolved into 2 days (depending on how I feel) with no mental/emotional/physically negative affects. Lately I’ve tried (depending how my body feels) fasting a day or two before I eat “regular” food in addition. I don’t anticipate ever doing more than that. After struggling for a lifetime with this addiction being able to do deal with it through Soylent is a dream come true. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Yeah, me too. Been a while and I will see if I can locate that readout.


September 17th Thursday. “Weigh Day” 356. Lost 9 lbs (was hoping for 15) so in 92 days I’ve lost 42 lbs total. (209 lbs to go). THANKS Rob Rhinehart. To be continued…


Don’t forget, the hardest part is keeping off weight that you’ve lost. And you can’t lose weight at the pace that you lost it in the first week… nobody can.

Slow progress is still progress, and it’s much better than no progress… which, itself, is better than backing up!

Also, not for nothing… but losing 42 pounds in 92 days is still phenomenal. Congrats!

Are you beginning to feel the difference in your activities? Or is 356 still so much that you’re going to need to lose more weight before it starts getting easier to get around?


Still too early. Hope you saw recent posts where I “referenced” you