400 lb 65 y/o Type II Diabetic & life long food addict, Soylent effects Miraculous


October 16th, Friday. “Weigh Day” 345. Lost 11 lbs so in 121 days I’ve lost 52 lbs total. Dr’s office closed on Sat so 17th was impossible (190 lbs to go). THANKS Rob Rhinehart. To be continued…


Great work! Awesome to see you’re still making such great progress four months in too, you’re really getting into the long haul.


Kudos, again!

This is probably more the pace you can expect for the long slog down… the good news is that losing 11 pounds in 29 days is still quite the pace.

Do you think what you’ve been doing for the past 30 days is sustainable? Remember to include some social/sanity breaks, they’re usually necessary in order to keep at it, long term… but always with a clear head about coming back on plan after the break.


Thank you very much.


Once every 8 days I would eat whatever I wanted. Now I’m considering stretching it to once every 10 days, but it’s flexible depending on circumstances. Soylent is literally saving my life!!!


I am so happy you were able to find something that worked for you. I’ve got friends who 60’ish and very overweight. They know they are killing themselves. Whenever we talk, they tell me about their newest health issues. One even joked that her doctor didn’t tell her strongly enough she should lose weight.

I’ve shown them Soylent but both knew they couldn’t use it without even trying. This was before Soylent 2.0 so maybe they would accept premixed? It’s funny that they mix up cupcakes, eat bread, etc. which is all from powders and don’t find that an issue at all. Another sign of cognitive dissonance.


Out of curiosity, are both of them female? There was a discussion before about the seemingly gendered polarity of the idea of Soylent (on average). My wife is overweight and she refuses to do Soylent even seeing the positive benefits of my being on it over this last year with regard to body fat % and A1c levels.


Nope. Just a regular couple. I would guess the husband would be more responsive but I don’t see him much. The wife is a more of a “foodie”. My wife is also overweight. I offered her a drink of Soylent 2.0 and she said without even looking at it that it would make her throw up! She admits that I am arguably healthier since I started doing DIY and Soylent. Somehow the two parts of the brain are not talking to each other.


i got the same situation with my girlfriend, she is 100lb overweight and whined about soylent when she tried it, makes me mad when overweight people dont bother putting any effort into bettering themselves, i think soylent is the closest thing to putting it on a silver platter for them…


Well, habits are pretty hard to break, and eating is a pretty primal habit and central activity in lots of people’s lives.

It’s not easy to change something that’s so embedded and ingrained into your life.


I think two parts of the brain are talking just fine… but it’s not the logical part that wins the debate.

Like you said, she’s a foodie. This is probably less about whether she believes Soylent would be healthful, and more about the fact that she’s unwilling to give up the variety of foods and flavors she currently experiences. Calling “Soylent” yucky may, in fact, just be code for, “I really love the things I’m eating now.”

A lot of people love their food experience more than they want to be healthy. Our bodies are, in many ways, hard-wired to love our food experiences. This is a profound thing to overcome.


So inspiring to hear about your experiences, @mtandy. Great job on the weight loss so far and looking forward to reading more!


October 26,5015 Monday Great News!!! Hemoglobin A1c 5.6 (down from 6.2) diabetics & medical personnel understand the significance of that. Yeeeehaaaaaa!!!


Dayum, and I thought I was doing good at 5.8. Grats! BTW, is that with removal of any medications?


I don’t get the ‘foodie’ argument.

I consider myself a foodie – I love to try different foods around the city and the world. It’s one of my favorite things to do. But do I do that for every meal? Hell no – I eat shitty food most of the time because a) I hate cooking, and b) cooking foodie-caliber food all the time? I ain’t got time for that! and c) eating foodie-caliber food at restaurants for all or even most of the meals is simply not sustainable financially. So I drink Soylent. It didn’t deprive me of anything.


Yes metformin but my endocrinologist wants me back on it for other reasons (my primary is the one who told me to stop it because my creatinine was 1.31 but now it is 1.24). I also stopped my glimepiride as of last Sunday which my endocrinologist is fine with. In the future my endocrinologist wants me to cut back on both forms of insulin gradually.


BTW this is the link to the protein powder http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/p/bodytech-whey-tech-pro-24-vanilla-5-15-lb-powder/vs-2541#.VkaYTb_AaPU


thank you very much.


November 19, Thursday. “Weigh Day” 339. Lost 6 lbs so in 156 days I’ve lost 58 lbs total. To be continued…


Congrats on your fantastic progress to date, and on the great A1c numbers! Your progress is very inspirational… I’ve had some success on Soylent as well (down ~30lbs, A1c down from 5.9 to 5.5) but your ongoing success is encouraging me to keep doing better. Keep it up, and keep up with the updates!