41 days without receiving my order

41 days without receiving my order.

41 days without Original
41 days without the Chocolate snack bars
41 days without the chocolate mint

Just a few days ago my subscription goes in again. Will I have to wait another 41+ days? Will I even get my original order by the time the 2nd one comes in? Will I ever receive either of them?

People are placing orders for items, and getting shipping tracking numbers the same day.

I’ve been messaging support patiently, empathetic to COVID-19 and the slow downs. But now you’re taking advantage of the situation. People are clearly receiving their orders much sooner; within days of placing them, in fact.

No, I don’t want to cancel, no I don’t want a refund, I just want what I damn well paid for.

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I’m at 36 days and counting.

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Have either of you received the “Thanks for your Soylent.com order!” Email? A recent plain RTD and plain powder order generated this email within 24hrs but a cacao powder order went into limbo (no emails, dashboard doesn’t show a next ship date)… had to cancel it as I’m changing locations soon.

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What that email means is: “Thanks for the money, don’t know when your order will ship”.

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Hard to say… perhaps there are multiple levels of limbo (!) one of my orders with the “we’re on it” email shipped within a day or two (old style plain 2.0 RTD… likely the Jan 2020 batch is I’d bet… still traveling from PA to CA now).

Two others (squares and plain powder) got the on it email but no shipment confirmation yet.

A 4th (cacao powder) still haven’t got the on it email and dashboard shows no next ship date. This must be super limbo…

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The “we’re on it” email is generated when you are billed. I’m now at day 41. Multiple emails don’t help. 30% discount code they sent doesn’t work. Also waiting on 6/24 order. Both are unfulfilled. Ordered Huel RTD last Tuesday, delivery tomorrow. I’ve got a sneaky feeling that they might be trying to get rid of us folks who have “grandfathered” pricing. After 5 years, they’ve succeeded.

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I also got the “discount code” which doesn’t work. Has anyone gotten it to work? Since it was given in response to a delayed subscrion order one would assume it would be honored for the next subscription shipment.