50x Increase in Production


In one of the latest blog posts the soylent team state that there will be a 50x increase in production.

Do you have any details on the timeframe for this?
Also, will you be constructing production facilities outside the USA to enable shipping to European regions?
Any other details are also appreciated!

Thanks for your help, good job on all the hard work so far.


I belive they said that it would take several months or so to ramp up production. I haven’t seen anything about sales to Europe.


They’ve gone from shipping early August orders to late September orders really quickly. Far more quickly than I’ve seen before that point. I would gather from that that the ramp-up is already happening.


I know it’s been mentioned that they plan on expanding to Canada sometime in 2015 (for which I am very excited!)
I can only imagine that Europe won’t be far behind. :slight_smile:


They’re shipping late November orders now. So yes, they’re definitely ramping up.


I’m predicting that once they get to the stage of being an ordinary ecommerce order (order with credit card/paypal, wait for acknowledgement, followed in a day or two by tracking email, etc), then the next step is to actually go out and drum up business. That’s where we’ll see what they’re made of. I’m thinking international orders, perhaps specialty stores, etc.



I can’t help but wonder if the mixed reactions to 1.4 and subsequent subscription pauses has accelerated their attempt to catch up on the back log.


Maybe their receiving $20 million in funding had something to do with their determination to improve shipping.


Yeah, as far as I know they still haven’t spent a penny on advertising. That’s pretty friggin’ awesome if you ask me.


Details would be nice, but I wouldn’t expect them to make their plans clear very far ahead in advanced.

They now have real investor, and real investors expect to make real money. You don’t make real money by announcing your long term plans so far ahead that they can be derailed thus irritating your consumer base. (Or scooped by competitors, for that matter.) I would expect that a major investment like $20M came with some pretty serious conditions on it.

But we can always speculate: With a full 50x increase in production (especially if it’s 50x on top of the 500% they announced previously) I would guess that they’re thinking ahead to being able to support multiple product lines of some sort, and/or to a retail distribution channel-- health club, health food store, grocery store, something like that.

Nobody builds out a 50x increase without knowing what they’re going to do with it. Nobody that wants to stay in business, anyway.


I think it’d be pretty awesome if it rolls out to grocery stores eventually. You can already find things like Weight Watchers and Ensure in grocery stores, so why not Soylent?

Also hoping for eventual pre-made bottles available for sale. I order chocolate milk off Amazon in such a fashion (no need to refrigerate prior to opening, no need to mix anything) and it works out really well.


I would be surprised if Soylent ended up in grocery stores, at least anytime in the foreseeable future. Part of the idea of Soylent is that helps you lessen your dependence on grocery stores and driving to the store. And also, the grocery store will likely have a substantial markup. I think part of the reason they can keep Soylent cheap is that they’re bypassing the middleman (grocery store) and selling direct to customers.

As far as pre-made bottles, I wonder if they’ll be pre-mixed with water or not. If so then that increases shipping weights and thus costs. One of the efficient things about Soylent is they’re avoiding shipping water to your house, which is a smart thing to do since you already have water cheaply shipped to your house by the water company.

I did the calculations once and the product would weigh about four times as much if it was pre-mixed, which I’m guessing means that shipping costs could be about four times as much.


They moved from filling early August orders to November orders in about the time it had taken them to get from June 3 to June 6, so I’m thinking they’ve already ramped up production. Once they’ve caught up and are current–a frankly unthinkable possibility not so long ago, in the dark days of ubiquitous Forum angst–they can focus for a bit on staying current, including with all the new people who will continue to subscribe. Some folks were turned off by the long wait times and will return, while others can afford to be curious for the first time. (The casually curious do not say, “Hmm, that sounds interesting, I’d like to try it in five months!”)

Once they reach market stability, as others have noticed, we will see many things start to happen. How can one invest in this company, anyway?


You know what I really do not need? Someone selling me food, telling me he knows so much about my lifestyle that he can determine whether or not it’s better for me to be shackled to mail-order or to pick it up at a store. It’s my choice whether or not I want to pay mark-up for convenience.


Given that one of the goals of Soylent is to reduce the waste in producing and distributing food, I’d be surprised if they started selling it in bottles. But I suppose it’s possible.


I wont be surprised because soylent will be continued to be shipped the current way too. So as long as this option exists you wont be dependant on grocery stores for that or any other foodstuffs.

You are right about the added cost and weight. So If they ship pre-made it could more likely be in powdered form…just needing to add water.


Maybe that’s why Amazon is so unpopular. People would prefer to pay more at local stores.


It isn’t awesome, this is the reason why Soylent has so many image problems, RL needs to cultivate the right image for their product to create a strong widely accepted brand.
How many of you would feel comfortable telling a girl you just met at a bar that you drink soylent?
I wouldn’t be *, I know the concept is weird to other people and that is a big problem if RL wants their product to go global.

  • don’t get me wrong, personally I love the idea of soylent


It’s a cost-benefit thing as far as Soylent goes since the hassle and cost of connecting with grocery stores is a cost and what they sell there is a benefit. I don’t know how much a store marks up a product but in addition to that the producers of items in grocery stores have the pay the grocery store for the right to put a product on their shelves.

Just out of curiosity, how much would you be willing to pay for Soylent in a grocery store? It’s $9-12 per day now depending on the plan you get. Would you be willing to pay $15? $20? $30?


I don’t think Soylent has image problems, really. It managed to push its way into the public’s. consciousness a lot faster than many products with hefty advertising budgets. It had to jar people to get their attention, and it did so. Even as people complain about its name, they are inevitably considering trying it. Even if they think they aren’t.