6 months of Ketogenic soylent, I’m 81% the man I used to be


I posted this to my blog this morning, decided I should link it here too: https://www.thebairs.net/2015/04/6-months-of-ketogenic-soylent-i-m-81-the-man-i-used-to-be/

Log what's wanted in v1.5 here please

Amazing progress! Got your story bookmarked for now, but those numbers look great. BP looks really good. I’m tempted to ask you questions but I’m sure you’ll answer a lot of them already through your story. In the meantime, nicely done…


You can ask your questions, I’m fine with that. Where do people find these GIFs? =)


Well I guess the first one would be, how do you feel? I mean, compared to 6 months ago.

EDIT: Also, I got this gif from a shelter. I don’t believe in gif mills and I couldn’t stand to watch it locked up in a cage!


Nice progress! Truly inspirational!


Were it not for not getting enough sleep lately (too much to do and kids that refuse to go to sleep at a decent hour) I would feel even better. Despite the lack of sleep I feel healthier than I have since before I got married 15 years ago. I don’t get sleepy and lethargic after lunch. Admittedly, when I was drinking people chow the post-lunch blues weren’t really that bad compared to the “why did I eat that!!!???” of normal carb heavy food. I get tired but I don’t really feel out of energy, especially with a (still substantial) fat reserve to burn =)

I’ve joked with my wife that I should be running on the treadmill with a 50lb backpack so I can remember what it was like.


Wow, way to go. Keep it up.

I am someone who should be eating next to zero dietary cholesterol and restricting saturated fats. Do you have any thoughts on how you might modify your recipe to work this way? I’d like to try keto, but I can’t see a way to avoid saturated fat.


Yes, read http://www.sajcn.co.za/index.php/SAJCN/article/download/939/1256 in brief: everything you’ve been told about fat and cholesterol causing Coronary Heart Disease is based on false studies that have been proven incorrect time and time again.


Do you bump up your caloric intake on days you exercise? For instance at my height and weight (6’6" 245lbs) a 7 mile run at 9:24/mile pace comes out to about 1500 calories. That’s more than a standard day in your system. My major concern about switching to Ketogenic is that I’m training for a Super Spartan and the endurance adjustment would be really nice, (and the weight loss to make getting up the mountain easier), but I’m concerned about running needing to lift weights as well for the required lifts/heavy muscle effort. I’m considering going ketogenic post Spartan (August 23rd this year I think) to really take off weight and at that point I’d be doing mostly aerobic/endurance exercises.


I don’t up my calories deliberately, I’m also not lifting. Check out http://www.reddit.com/r/ketogains for some awesome info on doing keto whilst doing intense workouts.


Thanks for the link. (Of course I just mixed up 2 weeks of powder for my DIY which actually comes out to about 6 weeks worth for me in general usage). Serious question, how much does the coconut oil taste of coconut. I know refined oil doesn’t taste like coconut usually, but they tend to have more or less of a hint of it. Also, have you noticed any difference between taking a vitamin pill like you do now and when you had it integrated into your People Chow?

Right now I get vitamin capsules specifically so I can dump them into my DIY and consume a proportional amount since I only eat my DIY for Breakfast/Lunch. I realize for Keto this would be an issue, but my wife eats Ketogenically currently (as confirmed by the presence of Ketones in her most recent blood test vs none in mine) and I generally do the same with her for our evening meal.

It sounds like you eat at restaurants/muggle food from time to time so do you worry about taking to many vitamins? From looking at things and based on the fact that I have 30 days of DIY powder right now (With extra supplies on hand) I’m thinking I might wait until after my race (4 months from today) to try this out. Also have you done a price comparison with MyProtein.com? Their Impact Whey Protein is 80% (my math puts the Dynamize at around 70%) and only 1g carbs for their Chocolate (their Chocolate mint doesn’t specify, but looks to mostly add Sucralose). I get their natural which has nothing. The very often have good sales (for instance I got 5kg for $48 shipped at one point (though that is not always the available deal)).

This post has wandered a bit, but basically thank you for this update, I’ve looked at Keto Soylent and been very interested (my wife lost about 10lbs on her diet while not counting calories) in trying it. My major concern is that I’m in the intensive training portion of my race prep and I’m not sure how the transition would go.


Is that because you’re worried lifting would put back on weight at this point? Any plans to do so after you reach your target weight?

(Not that you need to lose any more, just curious here)


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately there’s no discussion of APOE allele in that paper, though, which makes mostly inapplicable for my situation (and possibly ~20% of Americans).^ But it sounds like that’s not a factor for you, and what you’re doing obviously is working. I have my specific reasons and research, though…but your post has gotten me researching “vegan keto”. Thank you.

^ If the “new” acceptance of dietary fat is the current wave of popular thought, the effect of personal genetic differentiations will be the next wave, I think. It may be correct that the majority of the US population isn’t affected by dietary fat, but for those of us unlucky enough to have inherited type 4 of the Apoe gene the evidence is stacking up, unfortunately, that dietary cholesterol and saturated fat matter a great deal with regards to heart disease and Alzheimer’s. (The current calculation is a two time increase in risk of developing Alzheimer’s by inheriting just one Apoe 4 gene.) It’s a bummer; eating low carb, south beach, paleo, etc. are all a lot more fun than even partially vegan.


Wow! That’s amazing. I’m also stunned that a 220b (+/-10) guy can live off of 1282 kcal/day without passing out…
Do you exercise at all?


No, mostly no time and lazy gets in the way. I guess I could. I did P90 (not X, that be crazy) about a year ago but that’s about all I’d want to do =)


The liquid coconut oil I use has not noticable coconut taste.

Not really, I do it infrequently enough I’m not worried.

Haven’t looked into myProtein.com - I’ll check it out. I use the Dymatize mostly for the carb count, the flavors and the fact that BodyBuilding.com ships it to me next day via ground (Boise to Salt Lake City).


Next day is certainly nice, but 2-5kg bags would seem to offset that wouldn’t they? (Especially for a significant enough discount.)


Congrats on your weight loss. How many calories are you consuming per day, and has that changed over the last 6 months?


@chris_bair congrats on your weight loss. How many calories are you consuming per day, and has that changed over the last 6 months?


If I only eat Keto Chow it’s around 1300 calories. I usually end up snacking on some cheese or beef jerky so I’m averaging 1500 or so a day. When I first started ketogenic soylent I was doing 2000 calories with “QuidNYC Ketofood” but the grit ended up being too much for me so in January I worked out the details for Keto Chow and that’s that.