600k - now what?


You’ve reached 600k in donations. Soylent is a success. I was going to ask “Now what?” but I’m just leaving this post as a testament to my undying surprise.


@ruipacheco Somehow I’m not surprised, Rui. There are an awful lot of people out there who are worried in one way or another about food, their own nutrition, eating problems, time/energy problems, etc. etc., and quite a few of them would like to offload the responsibility onto someone else. Hence the popularity of diet “gurus.” Many of them see soylent as a possible solution. I’m not blaming anyone, either. The field of nutrition is just too confusing for the amateur or lay person, and I get the feeling that a lot of the supposed professionals may not really know as much as they pretend. I, too, have struggled unsuccessfully with the problems of trying to make sure I get my RDA of the essentials, of keeping my bodyweight/BMI under control, of battling food cravings and so on. I might want to offload some of that myself.

I finally got a few bucks into my Paypal account and tried to join the backers today. No go! The site doesn’t have a Paypal option – to my undying surprise – and won’t take my Scotiabank debit card. It wants Visa, Mastercard, etc., the big four CCs. I’ve never had a credit card in my entire life, believe it or not.

BTW did you notice? I took Julio at his word and tagged him for his “guaranteed response” on the soylent-cost thread – so far nada. I’ll give him the weekend before I tag him again. That’s what bothers me most, is how low a profile those guys keep on these forums, in spite of what anyone else says, that bothers me. Through experience I have become very, very sensitive to the discrepancies between what people say and what they actually do. I know those guys must be busy. But at the moment they are far less forthcoming with progress reports and detailed info than I think you and I expected, no?


If you are willing to pay their fee, https://www.entropay.com/ will give you a prepaid virtual Visa card; instantly.


I once tagged Rob on feedback and Julio came out and answered a lot of questions. I don’t know if it was coincidence or they were responding to customer feedback. But I agree that they should devote more time to their fanbase. It’s not about the money, it’s about giving the project legitimacy and continued support.

If Soylent proves to be successful, there will be others doing the same, open source recipe or not. If this particular complete meal wants to increase its fighting chances it should not drive away its original fanbase ans proselitisers.


It’s not asking for just CC’s, you can use debit cards. I don’t think enough people realise when places are asking for Visa/Mastercard etc they aren’t asking specifically for credit cards. You can use debit cards which is basically just an eftpos/direct debit transaction.

A credit card is not a debit card and visa versa.


What now? We make more soylent of course.

I just contacted the crowdtilt team about adding a paypal payment option. I’m pretty sure you can get a mastercard linked to your paypal account, though.


I know that; I tried my Scotiacard, but no good, as it’s a Scotiabank debit card, no Mastercard or Visa logo on it. Seems to me that a debit card is a debit card – at least – but the system doesn’t agree with me on that point.

@CuriousBen Thanks for the info, Ben; I checked it out thoroughly and I think the Entropay “virtual card” could come in handy sometime. Right now, though, I’m so flippin’ skint that I can’t get the few bucks together for a one-week order even. Which on reflection is okay. Although I would have enjoyed being a backer, they are doing just fine without me, and I’m having quite serious reservations about the oat powder. I’ve had to revise my entire approach to whole grains and hot cereal as it is, in the wake of studying Ramiel Nagel’s article “Living with Phytic Acid”. At first reading I tried to just blow it off, but it’s too thorough and well-researched; on the second and third readings I had to take it seriously. So I would not want to sabotage my own efforts to improve my diet by regularly ingesting significant quantities of raw oat powder. ATM I’m experimenting with what I call my RealFoods Analogue Soylent, which is a soylent-like drink compounded mainly from real food ingredients – including oats, buckwheat and spelt – but the grain ingredients are combined (the buckwheat has an abundance of phytase to mitigate the oats’ lack of it), sour soaked and cooked before being incorporated into the mix. And in any case, I’m not tryring to live on that exclusively.

So I think I would do better to adopt a wait-and-see policy and hope that Soylent Corp thinks again about basing their carb component on raw oat powder. At my age I have to take the possibility of osteoporosis seriously, so the last thing I want to do is to compromise my mineral absorption, particularly calcium and phosphorus.


Okay, there’s a day left, and it looks like the campaign is going to hit 700% funding. That’s amazing and shows real interest in the Soylent idea. @rob and @JulioMiles - I congratulate you first of all - what an achievement! I look forward to a video or statement that will let us all know what the next step is. With seven times the amount that you originally aimed for, I’m sure you can adapt and improve your original plans and prepare more Soylent quickly and get it out to people like me (I’m in the UK) who are ready and willing to make a start with it.I hope that the added funding will be reflected in better prices too, to really make Soylent an attractive proposition to those currently undecided about giving it a shot.


Thanks for the congrats! We are excited to continue our work getting Soylent manufactured and shipped. Please note, however, that the fact we raised 7x our goal doesn’t mean we suddenly have a bunch more $$$ to spend – we also have to work at manufacturing 7x more Soylent! We’ll be releasing a statement in the next day or so, discussing what we’ve accomplished in the past month, and outlining our steps forward. Thanks again for everyone’s support!


This guys. Remember this.


Yes, indeed. In fact, it was my belief (on the basis of a statement of John’s to that effect a couple of weeks ago, back when they were being a wee bit more forthcoming) that the manufacturing was being contracted out. Now all of a sudden the story is “we also have to work at manufacturing 7x more Soylent!” Can’t you just see them sitting there at their workbenches, with the conveyor belt of that fast-moving assembly line whizzing along in front of them? I think they badly need to get themselves a PR guy who knows that his statements will be quoted long after they are made; Julio and John don’t seem to get that.


The bottom line is - they aimed for $100K, they got $700K. However you slice it, that IS a lot more money to ‘spend’. I would like (and expect) to see more Soylent available, quicker to order and more affordably priced. Now that the fundraising is over (few hours left), Where and when can I get to a site and place my order for a trial sized pack of Soylent?


Terry, they may (or may not) announce something like that in a day or two, Julio has promised (FWIW) some kind of statement when the campaign has closed. But until/unless he announces otherwise, they have been saying that once the product starts to ship they will open an online store for people to place orders. I’m betting – and hoping – that they are aware and respectful enough of the momentum created by the crowdfunding success to where they’ll get the lead out and get some kind of online ordering facility going a lot sooner than August… but I might be wrong. Wait and see, I guess.


We’re releasing a statement shortly, it’s actually up on blog.soylent.me now.


Julio, the post alludes to a v.8 recipe being available on the blog, but I see no evidence of it.


yeah, working on putting it up now!


Cool, thanks. I think you guys have done a reasonable job of communicating, by the way. There will always be those who demand more.