7 months since my order, when will be shipped


Soylent team, I ordered a 1 week supply of Soylent in April. I have received no communication from you since September. Where can i find out the status of my order?


You should have it by now. Tagging @Soylent


Maybe it’s too soon to start nagging, but I ordered in July, got the email in October saying sorry for the delay, 6-8 more weeks, and still nothing. I’m a few days short of the 8 week estimate, but my original email said my starter kit would ship before the actual soylent and I haven’t gotten shipment notice on that either. Can I get an update, @Soylent team?


It seems they still typically send the starter kit with the first order, so I wouldn’t count on it coming early.


@bharath28 Our sincerest apologies for the delay on your backer order – It will be shipping in 2-3 business days. Expect the tracking number via email shortly after it ships. Thanks for your patience and support!

@dkf1031 We’re currently shipping orders from mid-June and hoping to get to July soon. We’ll be announcing the transition to shipping July orders soon – stay tuned. We’re doing everything we can to produce/ship Soylent as fast as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience – we definitely appreciate your patience and support.

Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread [updated 8/8]

Thanks for the quick response!


I don’t mean to be rude… but how does this customer tracking system at Rosa Labs work? post-it notes stuck to a wall? it seems like more than a few customers fall through the cracks… or maybe I’m just imagining this.


@Soylent I also ordered a week of Soylent in April, and I received an address confirmation email in september, but no other emails after that. Do you need my email address to know who to ship it to or is this post enough to get my Soylent?


@Chapman Confirmed your order and scheduled it to ship in 2-3 business days – you’ll receive a tracking number via email shortly after it ships. Thanks for keeping in touch and our sincerest apologies for the delay.