"7 Real Products That Get Their Names From Dystopian Fiction"


I’m sure you can all guess what is at the top of the list:

7 Real Products That Get Their Names From Dystopian Fiction


I was going to sarcastically reply Duff Beer only to be majorly disappointed that it was already on the list.


Hmm, when referring to the billboard in the photo in that article the author refers to the astronaut as ‘she’. How does he know? Did Soylent get an actual astronaut to pose for that billboard picture? If so, who?

NASA I could see getting on board with something like this, especially if there were a solid form.


TIL I’m a “brogrammer.” Do I need to buy some hair gel? And grow some hair? :worried:


As long as the solid form doesn’t liquefy under high pressure resulting in unbalanced loads that could cause catastrophic failure to a rocket launch. The last time that happened it nearly resulted in Matt Damon’s untimely death.


I missed that scene in Good Will Hunting. Directors’ cut?


Wait. Buffet created a dystopian future? Bit of a reach…