7 Weeks+ 1.5 may be up for grabs in Bay Area

I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease and need to get rid of my supply. I’ve emailed @Soylent to see if there’s any chance I can get refunded. If not, I’m taking names of folks who may want to purchase my leftovers. I have one large unopened box of four weeks, plus a couple unopened 1 week boxes, and a few individual bags, all purchased July/August of this year. I’m not out for profit but would love to recoup my losses as much as possible.

One note, something like Soylent would be ideal for a celiac like me. You don’t know how grateful I’d be if I could just grab something completely nutritious and safely gluten free and just go! I started Soylent because I didn’t want to plan or shop or cook (all things that added to my anxiety and took away from my productivity) and now, the joke is on me because with celiac the planning, shopping, and cooking is way more intensive than before. Hours. I’m really hating this.

Hope the community is doing well.

There is always DIY (or people selling DIY) or one of Soylent’s competitors. Sorry to hear about your Celiac desease.

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Thank you. Before Soylent (big “S”) I did DIY. I’ll have to go back and look at my recipe. It is something to consider again. As long as the ingredients were certified gluten-free and not made in a plant that also manufactures wheat, barley, or malt. The other issue is medication, which includes supplements and vitamins. Finding gluten-free versions is very difficult because of lack of regulation and many companies don’t disclose the information reliably and often, they swithc suppliers so each new batch could have different sources. So hard to control. :frowning:

But, I’ll check out the DIY section. Someone with celiac may have a recipe they trust already up there. Thank you!

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@soylentnoise, I may be interested in buying some of your Soylent 1.5, as I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’m in San Francisco. No car, though.

Also, my company, Super Body Fuel, is finally shipping on schedule as of this week, and our focus is hypoallergenic (and gluten-free) soylent. I’d be very happy to offer you some free samples so you can see if our products will work for you. Take a look at what we’ve got and let me know what you’d like to try.

Schmoylent, Schmilk, and Athlete Fuel all use gluten-free oat flour, but if that’s still a problem, Light Fuel just uses gluten-free tapioca flour and Keto Fuel has neither oats nor tapioca.

We share a space with a jam maker, and use only gluten-free ingredients in our products to minimize the risk of cross contamination. You’re more than welcome to stop by - we’re in the Dogpatch at 2565 3rd St #316, San Francisco - though there are a couple bakeries down the hall so I’m not sure if you’d be okay stepping into the building! If you can, though, it would be great to meet you and give you some samples.


@axcho thank you! I’m in Alameda and have a car. I’d be happy to exchange some bags of 1.5 for some Super Body Fuel. I was happy to learn Celebrate Multivitamin Capsules are gluten-free AND that you make sure each ingredient is free of gluten. I’d love to take you up on the offer to visit your company. The bakeries give me pause. Is it an open environment or some division between you and them?

You don’t know what a relief this may be for me! I will have to run it by my dietician, but as far as I can tell, everything looks great on your ingredient list. I’ll still have to supplement Vitamin D, but I have a deficiency, so that would be the case no matter what.

I’ll already be coming into the city on Thursday, late afternoon. I could also come in on Friday anytime.
Thank you!

What symptoms do you have when you consume Soylent?

@soylentnoise, Thursday afternoon would be great. The bakeries are several hundred feet away, but they leave their doors open into the hallway all the time so the whole building smells like a bakery. Our production room has plastic strips over the doorway (visible here) so there’s not a lot of airflow in and out except through the AC unit, but the room is inside a warehouse that often has a door open to the shared hallway as well, so there may be some air mixing from air from the bakeries.

I’m not sure how significant it is - do you have to avoid walking into bakeries because of the gluten? I mean, I have to avoid Thai restaurants because of my peanut allergy, so I know how that is. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d be most concerned about you having to walk through the hallway to get to our warehouse unit - but if you think that would be safe then definitely come check us out.

What do you think - see you on Thursday?

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I was going to offer to buy some, but it sounds like you have a pretty sweet deal there

Thanks, @axcho! Sending you a private message this morning.

I have plenty if you’re interested.

Pretty much what I have with consuming other foods: major GI issues, headaches, upper abdomen bloat, stomach pain…

Sounds terrible, sorry to hear it. You have been on the forum for quite awhile and had all those symptoms and even touted Soylent as a hangover cure at one point and just discovered it was causing

major GI issues, headaches, upper abdomen bloat, stomach pain…

for you all that time? Sorry, it makes me wonder. Good luck.

It actually did work on my hangover! I can’t recall which version it was, but I stand behind that statement! :smiley: Some versions were better on my gut, but since it wasn’t my only source of food, and with a damaged gut, it’s really hard to tell when I’m reacting to soylent and when it’s something else.

I had some really good days with Soylent (though gas and bloat, headache were always issues to one degree or another). I think I was being overly optimistic a lot of times. However, because Soylent isn’t safely gluten-free for my now diagnosed disease, I can’t drink it.

It’s interesting, I looked back on my Tumblr and how many times I posted about being diagnosed (or complaining about) with this, then that and come to find out those other diagnoses are most likely because of celiac! That’s typically how they end up testing you is that you develop other autoimmune disorders or mental disorders and then they think, gee we should test her for celiac. It really does map out my journey pretty clearly for me–disordered eating, hyperthyroidism, major depression–wow. Looking at it is weird, but telling.

I was really hopeful for Soylent for my life. I started it because I was having so many GI issues to begin with (and because I’m a lazy cook).

Thanks for the luck, @geneven

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I have a friend on a similar quest to cure her diverticulitis, which gives her terrible pain every few months until she takes antibiotics. She recently gave up one extreme cure and is returning to Soylent, plus hamburgers and other good things. But she expects another attack any time now.

Oof. I wish her well and speed toward a solution.

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