75% of crowd funded projects deliver products later than expected


“Finally, I find that the vast majority of founders seem to fulfill their obligations to founders, but that over 75% deliver products later than expected, with the degree of delay predicted by the level and amount of funding a project receives.

Soylent Manufacturing Update 3/13

As someone who is 2 years into a crowdfunded 6 month project: can confirm.


Really? There are funders for Soylent that would have jumped out a window long ago.


Yep, the project is https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/projecthexapod/stompy-the-giant-rideable-walking-robot-0?ref=live

I think it helps that our sales pitch was “this is so absurd that it must happen at any cost” rather than “here is something you can have if you give us money”, we got a different sort of backer.

We’re still working on it. It’s still going to happen, but it’ll probably take 9-12 more months.


I figured that it was standard operating procedure. I like to think of the stated-time in a crowd-funded project as more of a “by this time we will have things significantly underway and the project will be a real thing” rather than “we’ll ship on this date”.


Now I want that wrist band… curse you.

I think people have already jumped out a window. To many people lack patience and understanding. People have to keep in mind that (especially if this is their first project) there are things in which one cannot foresee and obstacles that seem to pop up out of no where,


I agree. I think much of it has been very childish and hateful.


I’ve supported several crowdfunded projects:

  • Minuum Keyboard (Recieved, close to on-time)
  • Crabby Wallet (Recieved, 8 months late)
  • Almond+ Router (Due in September, now supposed to ship within 2 months)
  • Soylent (You know the story)

Only the Minuum Keyboard shipped anywhere close to the estimated dates.

The Crabby Wallet had issues with the manufacturing process, and they had to do additional stitching and QC before they could be shipped.

The Almond+ router was totally revamped, making it much more flexible and powerful. I’m happy with the wait because it is so much more powerful.

Soylent has gone through several iterations to make it better. Mouthfeel is fairly important to me. I want something that I can enjoy using so I’m motivated to keep using it.

TL;DR: Crowdfunding usually doesn’t deliver on time, but the improvements are worth the wait.