80% support a mandatory label for food containing DNA

While consumers are aware of genetically modified crops and food, their knowledge level is limited and often at odds with the facts, according to a newly published study by a University of Florida researcher. A study published last year showed scientific facts scarcely change consumers’ impressions of genetically modified food. The results led McFadden to conclude that consumers do not know as much about the facts of genetically modified food and crops as ‌they think they do. Of those sampled, 84% supported a mandatory label for food containing genetically modified ingredients. However, 80 percent also supported a mandatory label for food containing DNA, which would result in labeling almost all food.

UF/IFAS study finds consumer knowledge gap on genetically modified food.


I’m against eating food containing DNA, which is why I’m on a salt- and water-only diet. I’ll let you know how it works out.

But more seriously, the fact that customers are unclear on what “DNA” is, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are wrong about avoiding genetically modified food. Frankly, I’m OK with genetic modifications in theory, although a lot of the genetically modified food is done to allow using large amounts of herbicide to control weeds; I’m more worried about the herbicide use than the genetic modification, but they go pretty much hand in hand.


I know that people have DNA and I don’t want to eat people, so this seems like a good idea to me.


You are what you eat. I want to be a person, so that’s what I eat. Soylent!


They’ve been playing up the movie connection lately. This could make for a great ad slogan.

Isn’t that backward? I thought most of the GMO stuff was to allow the use of relatively small amounts of simple herbicides (like round-up). Some “natural” crops might need more heavy duty herbicides and pesticides (and in greater amounts). ?

No. Unfortunately the round up modification backfired. There is a small percentage of the weeds had a natural resistance to round up. By killing off the weeds that didn’t have the resistance we accidentally directed their evolution toward an ever increasing resistance to round up. This forces the farmers to use ever larger doses of round up to kill the weeds. The interesting thing is organic herbicides have the same problem.


Make Soylent People Again?

If you have ever watched The Future of Food (documentary) its pretty disturbing but about 23 to 30 minutes into the video they explain how GMO’s are made. Using Ecoli and giving plants tumors they can damage the cells so they can introduce new engineered DNA into the cells. The video is being hosted from the Chinese Youtube site Tudou so there is some strange Chinese advertisements at the start.

Denver Post: “[Director Garcia] immediately strays from this fascinating case to a generalized attack on biotechnology and corporate farming, stringing together loose accusations and emotionally dishonest footage to argue her cause.”

Food for lazy thought


Soylent: You Are What You Eat

Soylent: You Are Who You Eat

Would you then want to meat who you are eating before hand to as they are going to be part of you.


Yes… Meat them…


Soylent… it makes people