$85 for a week worth of Soylent, or a month worth?


So I was under the impression that the one-time $85 order of Soylent was good for a month’s supply (of using it exclusively), but after looking into it further, it seems that the 21+ meals worth is only good for about a week’s worth.

It’s my fault for just assuming of course, but I’m mainly just looking for clarification. Does each bag of Soylent = a day’s worth? Or does each meal worth = a day (assuming you eat 3 meals a day)?


A bag is considered:

  • 3 meals
  • 1 day’s worth of food
  • ~2000 calories (with the included oil).


Ah, alright thanks for the info. I thought $85/month was too good of a deal, but I guess the actual price for a month supply seems pretty reasonable in-comparison to actual food.


Yeah, especially compared to a month of a nutritionally balanced meal (you can subsist on crap for cheaper, sure).


Don’t forget with Soylent you will not be dealing with spoilage. I can feed myself (and my family) for less then $3 per meal. The big problem though is that the cost of the items going into the meal is only part of the story. I have Spoilage issues which if I am trying to eat healthy foods and not processed foods this is more of an issue. In addition I have logistic costs (transport to and from the grocery store for instance) etc. So the real cost of Soylent as compared to meals really needs to be adjusted for those things because in my household at least, food gets thrown away every single day.