9 Grams of sugar per serving. Is that too much?


I was wondering if that’s a lot of sugar because the American Heart association says the average male should take 37.5 grams a day, but to reach 2000 calories you would need to drink 5 servings a day which would equal 45 Grams a day. Isn’t that counter productive, especially if you’re trying to lose weight?


If you are referring to the amount of sugar in Soylent. It is “special” sugar, not “regular” sugar. Regular sugar releases itself into the bloodstream with a lethal rush that gives you quick energy and possibly an early death. The sugar that Soylent relies on is gentler and more gradual and less death-dealing. It would be too much if it was the same kind of sugar that kills people.


I find that the type of sugars in Soylent are easier on the teeth. How much is ok is a good question that a lot of scientists and professionals disagree about. And, the need varies from individual to individual. By watching what you eat and how you feel can really help in figuring out what type of meal planning works best for you.


So what kind of “special” sugar do you mean? I mean besides being unprocessed.


They are talking about maltodextrin. A substance that is in many different soylent type products. It’s quite a controversial substance and rather than repeat what many posters have done, just search for maltodextrin.


Isomaltulose (different from isomaltose). It has a lower glycemic index than regular table sugar. Maltodextrin doesn’t count as sugar.


Maltodextrin doesn’t count as a sugar but for all intents and purposes it is one, and one that is absorbed much more quickly than table sugar at that. This is why I never understand why when this question comes up, people excuse the sugar content due to it being composed primarily (entirely?) of isomaltulose. Sure, the labelled sugar content is all low GI, but the maltodextrin (which contributes to the carbs but not sugars) is extremely high GI.

With that said, Soylent products have a low GI so they are fine to consume in large amounts from that perspective. It just doesn’t make sense to counter the question with the fact the sugar is all low GI when really maltodextrin fulfils the criteria the average person has of a ‘sugar’.


Sugar content doesn’t matter at all, you can have 200g/day and be healthy assuming you get enough of the other nutrients as well.
What matters is your blood-sugar levels, soylent is fine in this regard.

But soylent has quite a bit of fat, so don’t go basing your diet on soylent or soylent plus high-fat (or very high protein) foods while drinking soda or other garbage. That’ll screw you up.
The only way it’d be a potential issue is if you’re severely diabetic already, have little to no movement, are losing weight, and recently ate high-fat/high-protein foods in the last couple days and you’re switching to soylent. That’d maybe have slight issues, but realistically anything but plain baked potatoes and vegetables would be worse and you’d be screwed regardless, so it’s not really worth bringing up.

tldr; if you have 5 servings a day you’ll be fine so long as you don’t have 4 of those servings at once and then have a steak with a side of disgustingly buttered Texas toast.