90 Days of Soylent

My wife and I are about to start a 90 day Soylent challenge :slight_smile:

We certainly are not the first ones to do this. If you search around, you’ll find plenty of journalists and self-experimenters documenting this very same thing. What we’re doing is a little different, though, in that:

  1. We have a male and a female doing this at the same time
  2. Both parties have identical living conditions and activity levels
  3. Both parties have had the same diet leading up to day 1

This experiment is not entirely scientific as we won’t be getting blood tests before, during or after (THANKS, OBAMA), but we’ll be looking at things a bit more holistically – Weight, mood, basic cognition and energy levels.

Our first shipment arrives this Friday, and we’ll be posting our first update that same day (or Saturday if it arrives late).

Aside from the obvious, what else should we try to monitor?

Feel free to follow along at https://curiouscosmos.com/2017/01/04/90-days-soylent/, but I’ll post regular updates here as well :slight_smile:


You should have RF sponsor you. Blood tests, Soylent and all.


I assume they set the prices ridiculously high to make them look like they are hugely discounted. Not sure if those prices are under Trumpcare or not.

Which brings up the question… how much SHOULD a complete blood test panel cost?

Looks like the promise of Theranos is dead (Thanks Holmes)

My last test panel (which I get annually) was $45. Thanks Obama!

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You probably already know, but be careful with sodium levels. When I did 30 day, after having terrible headaches/exhaustion/dizziness I added 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1-2 Nuun active, 1 Nuun All Day and that made a world of difference in my well-being. Also high quality fiber will help. Or just see how it goes and report back :slight_smile:

A very little bit of googling produced privatemdlabs.com where a “comprehensive metabolic profile” is $42. (http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/comprehensive-metabolic-profile-testing.php).

Being independent, not ordered by a doctor nor covered by insurance, that would be an actual retail price, i.e. no presidential involvement.

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Thanks for sharing that info! I read it a couple hours ago then signed right up for a metabolic blood work test… Thankfully I apparently live in an area replete with privatemdlabs.

Similar to the original poster, am embarking on a 30-day Soylent fast, and will get my blood work done 3 times: Once before the 30-day cleanse, once during, then once again after I go back to eating regularly again.

With the mindset that the Soylent month will reset my taste buds and renew my appreciation for fruits and vegetables. And thereafter will always have Soylent to save me.

Soylent isn’t a cleanse, it’s supposed to be a healthy, nutritionally balanced food. It’s not medicine to cure your health problems, but might help you if your current diet is unhealthy.

I know & I understand. And I’m already a health fanatic. Apparently some people would be fine living on nothing but Soylent, and that’s what I would love to do, for now I’m going to try it for 30 days.

Shouldn’t that second test be after the 30 days but before resuming regular food? If you take it mid change you may not get a complete picture of what Soylent is doing to you. The third test after you switch back to regular food may get muddied by the effects of the regular food.

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Yes, since you put it that way I will do the second blood test on day 30 of the trial.

Have you started yet, and if so how’s it been going? I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing, but am a little reluctant.

Yes! :slight_smile: Thank you so much for asking this question that popped into my email, I’ve been so energetic & productive since beginning Soylent that I’ve hardly had time to sit down and be on the internet.

January 18th I had my blood work done, and I will post those results as soon as I post my day 31 of soylent blood work so the results will be more meaningful side by side with each other. (My pre-Soylent blood work results were actually pretty fantastic & right smack in the middle of all the healthy ranges, but it was interesting to see since I had never done any metabolic blood work before.)

January 20th 2017 was my first day of soylent although I started that morning with a green drink from the grocery store and ended the day with some chili because I guess I was still getting mentally used to the idea of letting go of food.

The next day, Saturday, was my first day of putting nothing in my body but Soylent and water. I felt fantastic as I’ve followed that generally every day. A few exceptions, one night I ate a small bowl of walnuts. Another night I ate a small bowl of cashews, Raisins, and Almonds.

Soylent has given me my life back. So many times throughout the days I’ve wanted to express my praises of soylent. I no longer have to forage for food, wondering where when or what I’m going to eat. No more worrying about the nutrients I’m getting, and all the mental work involved in determining which foods to get the ideal nutrients from. No more worries about indigestion, gas, food stuck between my teeth , overeating, etc.

Life has been so good with Soylent. I’ve lost five pounds in two weeks, I feel no deprivation and I feel energetic & free & light in my body. Running & yoga feel so good again with a light & free body. I’m looking forward to the day 31 blood work and I will post it as soon as the time comes :slight_smile:

And I know I said earlier that I was only planning to do this for a month, but I am loving it so much that I have subscribed to Soylent and I want to do it indefinitely.


Wow! That’s great, I’m glad it’s working out for you! I think this makes me want to do it as well. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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@Brentnauer Since this thread was started just over 90 days ago and there have been no updates here or on the site you linked to, is it safe to assume that the experiment was a flop? Do you plan on writing up the reasons why (or why not)?


I’m not OP, but I’ve been on 90 days of mostly Soylent with occasional snacks & cheat days. I’m 10 lbs lighter, more energetic, and in the first month was experiencing occasional headaches & electrifying muscle spasms, but those bad things have stopped as I’ve continued Soylent. No more headaches & spasms. I feel great.