90 Days on Pure Soylent


My name is CJ Peterson, and i am attempting to go a full 90-days on 100% Soylent, starting Cold-turkey. A week in and i feel great. (My previous diet was horrible). Follow along at Soylent90.com.

I have a few questions i’d like to ask the masses:

What exactly causes Soylent to spoil so quickly? (A single day unrefrigerated) It is my assumption that in powder form is should stay for a long time, but why so short after adding water?

What are some suggestions for getting extra energy? I’m noticing a lack in energy after 4 days. Will working out increase energy from endorphin’s?

Edit: After 3 more days, my energy levels have returned without supplement.


Wow 90 days from zero?? Damn you’re one ambitious guy! LOL I don’t have answers to your questions but will certainly be following along. Good luck!


Easier for bacteria and mold to thrive in a liquid environment, once it’s been exposed to air the liquid is prone to microbial growth.

Keeping it chilled slows that growth, I’ve heard tell that Soylent keeps for about… 3 days refrigerated?

Excited to find out for myself this weekend!


On the energy front, are you sure you’re eating enough calories?


Awesome man! You’re doing exactly what I am going to do an you’ll be about a couple of weeks ahead of me!

Surprised at the energy thing, others have reported more energy than before? Are you using the full 2000 calories?

I’m concerned with having to open a couple of packets to make a 1500 calorie pitcher for me and a 1200 calorie pitcher for my girlfriend leaving 1300 calories worth of Soylent powder left and how to store it.


I wouldn’t try to make two different pitchers with different caloric amounts… just mix up a full pitcher or two, and drink however much you plan to drink, keeping in mind that it’s roughly 30 calories per ounce. Get yourself a nice 20oz (or whatever) container and you’ll know pretty precisely how much you consume as you do so. That’s how we manage it with two people anyway and it works out very well.


@mark1 @Benji, I’m drinking the full 2000 calories. I’m thinking about adding some extra Gemma Pea Protein Isolate/Rice Protein Concentrate i have left over from my DIY days to get a slightly better Carb/Protein ratio - hoping that will give me a boost.


Good luck, sir. If you figure out a way to negate the low energy please share, I’m over 2 weeks in and in the same boat.

As far as it spoiling goes, the simple answer is that it ferments.


Try adding a little salt. After reading a few posts recently I noticed that Soylent only has 15% RDA per serving, which results in about 45% total of what you “need”… not sure if that could be the reason or not

About 2-3 gram salt should put you near the RDA of Sodium

Did the soylent team ever give a reason why they only had half of the RDA for sodium… as I believe this could give problems in the long term… they should really make people aware of it at least that they decided to do it like that. (Reason why people were reporting muscle weakness if they riding their bikes and such)


I would be curious about this as well. I find Soylent slightly too sweet. More salt would probably be better for you and succeed in making Soylent ‘more bland.’


A half teaspoon of salt per day should be plenty… I wouldn’t add more than that. :stuck_out_tongue:


The % DV for a few ingredients are more of a recommended maximum. Sodium is one such item. You don’t need anywhere near the 100%.


A few however have reported muscle weakness in other threads when they had been sweating/excercing compared to on normal food, which was concluded to be because of the lower sodium… But it is easy to add yourself ofc, i just never understood why it was so low to begin with?


I think BECAUSE it is so easy to add and impossible to remove for people who have low sodium requirements in their diet. However I think they should have directions for people to add sodium if they are not on a sodium restricted diet and plan to drink Soylent exclusively. If you eat even one meal a day, the odds are you won’t have sodium issues.


What are your thoughts on Sunflower Seeds? I generally eat the shells as well and so its mostly fiber and salt - would that possibly give me the extra salt and help with chewing something?


Sure. Look at the RDA info for sunflower seeds for sodium and it will almost certainly work. However, (and I’m not judging you here) I thought the goal was 90 days of Soylent and Water and nothing else…Salt I can see since it is known to not have your 100% and it is more or less more powder, but sunflower seeds have fats/calories/sodium/fiber etc. That seems like it is in a different category.

I personally put half of a small cup of coffee into my days DIY soylent (half of a half in each 20oz thermos bottle) and that has really helped my energy level be great through the day. Also the solution for being away from home is thermos bottles and a little ice.


Oh i forgot about the high fat content of sunflower seeds. For some reason i was thinking they were mainly fiber and salt.
Yea, i’ll hold off.


@konacj: The high-fat content is probably better for long-term energy. If you’re getting plenty of short-term energy from the carbs, but finding you teeter out, you can increase by fat [and salt, as others have mentioned], and will probably be pretty well off.


I have been snacking on sunflower seeds occasionally and has reduced my cravings considerably.



Well done CJ! That website of yours is really nice.

I’ll be following you too. I was going to start with 30 days, Soylent only, but maybe if it works out I’ll go 90. So many of my family and friends expect me to fail, so I hope to see you succeed.

Would you say that having others “watching” you on your journey is a motivating factor? Do you think you’ll be more likely to stick with it because of the public nature of your quest?

That’s what I’m hoping for.