A Beginner's DIY Recipe



Soylid! Solid Soylent?

I just order everything I need for this recipe, wish me luck!


Do you have any advice on how to easily vary this recipe to account for different amounts of exercise?


I understand that’s the daily amount of stuff, not per-intake, right?


from my understanding, that is correct.


@nburn42 If you need more protein, then just add more whey protein and reduce the amount of fat (oil) accordingly. There is no perfect solution to this. You need to gather the nutritional values and massage the recipe until you get the desired results or find alternatives to substitute nutrients to match your desired recipe.


You would normally also want a few more carbs in the drink before you excercise I suppose. Energy and all that.


According to Morton’s nutritional information, I think that’s twice as much Table Salt as you need.

Actually, looks like you have the correct amount (1 Teaspoon) on the spreadsheet, just not on the blog page. Lol


Still waiting on two ingredients to come in the mail. Anyone actually used this recipe yet?


I’ve had the bulk ingredients already: malto, oats, whey, liquid vitamin, oil, salt. I’m on day 4 of a Breakfast+Lunch soylent regimen, with Dinner being a typical American home cooked meal. I LOVE IT! I can’t wait for the remainder of ingredients to be delivered. Amazon is taking longer than I’d like to ship… aye.

Overall energy throughout the day is vastly improved. My patience and “mind health” during my job feels increased. Sleeping and waking up feels improved. I don’t tend to lounge in bed after my alarm clicks on. My body is very hungry in the morning and I crave soylent.

I really want to purchase the Rob-level soylent recipe, ingredient by ingredient, but lack of funds and confusion with measurements turned me away… until I found this Beginners Version. Soon, I feel, I will get to Robs level.

Anyone in the local San Francisco/Bay Area/Northern California want to meet up and improve our own recipes? I am willing to share what I have if it means teamwork and coordination in evolving to the “rob” recipe. I am anxious to meet other soylent drinkers!


I’m waiting on the fiber and the choline. I’m very excited. Amazon is taking an eternity on those last two ingredients.


I made a link to add all the ingredients to an amazon cart at once:



You mean you took all the links and made a link to your own amazon affiliate?


Hello! Quick question. Where did you get the FDA RDAs from? They seem to differ from the FDA document - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietary_Reference_Intake


AND added the ability to add all the items to your cart at once


I think they’re actually Rob’s RDA. Lol…


I understand how users could be upset about the masking of the Amazon Affiliate link. @billjohnston4 is creating value for users in that they can now add all the items at once, but it would be nice to let people know that they are contributing to your Amazon account.

No need to take it down, but in the future, it would be polite to leave the link as is (i.e. no bitly).


FYI my intent was not to mask the link. The bit.ly links to my personal server, where the link is created and you are redirected. The cart bundle must be signed by amazon so it changes every time you click on it. I just wanted to keep the identity of my personal server private.

I’m currently working on site that will allow anyone to create bundled carts. This was just a test to see if it was possible. It took me a lot of time to figure out, so I put my affiliate link on there.


That’s understandable. It’s probably clear from this thread now that it is indeed an affiliate link anyway. Sounds like a good idea about the bundled carts, can’t believe Amazon doesn’t integrate that with the Wish List feature yet!


Do you know what would be a woman’s RDA or where I could calculate it?..
Say for a 27yr old, 5.7, 145 pounds female…