"A day in the life of… Manuel Pellegrini"

Soccer (football) related, I believe. I am not really sure who or what this is, but it mentions Soylent:

7.05am: Pellegrini started his day as he did every day, with a nice glass of Soylent. Soylent was his favourite thing in the entire world, and he wondered how he lived without it. Here was breakfast, scientifically designed to provide all the vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates your body needed, in one almost tasteless, odourless drink.

Pellegrini would often drink this three or four times a day to keep him full, and he loved not having to deal with the rigours of cooking breakfast. He found the concept of cereal packaging far too busy for his liking, and he found the idea of rich breakfast food far too indulgent and distracting. This was one less thing to worry about, as he searched for the most functional start to the day he could manage.

He saw his family eating their breakfasts of fruit, a cup of coffee and some yogurt with honey and oats, and he shook his head at what he believed to be a decadence that was bafflingly tolerated by society. He simply could not understand why the world had not fallen in love with the drink as he had.


Manuel Pellegrini is manager of Manchester City football club, a now-insufferable team in the English Premier League.

I’d note that the article appears to be the only one on the entire internet that mentions Manuel Pellegrini and Soylent together, and given the second “diary” entry in it…

As he dressed for work, he noticed that one of his white shirts was now almost imperceptibly a slightly different shade of white to all the others. He couldn’t work out why. He wore his Monday white shirt on Mondays, his Tuesday white shirt on Tuesdays, his Wednesday white shirt on Wednesdays, his Thursday white shirt on Thursdays, his Friday white shirt on Fridays, his Saturday white shirt on Saturdays, and his Sunday white shirt on Sundays. He could not understand why his Monday white shirt - which was worn only on Mondays - was darker. He knew that it didn’t really matter, but he couldn’t shake it from his memory.

Reluctantly but decisively he threw all his shirts into the bin.

…I’m guessing it’s meant as a joke.


Yes, that was the impression that I got as well. At the top it says this:

Alexander Netherton imagines Manuel Pellegrini’s day at training following his Manchester City team’s 0-0 draw with neighbours United…

Which I assume means the author is imagining what his day must be like.


Really? I would have thought the problem was finding cereal that was actually healthy without tasting like crap…